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The glorious reign just never comes femme is a saying, this is the worst drought in living memory in New South Wales and Queensland ninety percent of New South Wales and two-thirds of Queensland went out drought and pastas attorney to rebel, fizzle these horrific photographs of livestock with the bone sticking through the skin, and the cost of feed is skyrocketing. So these farmers is sort of saying they're facing ruin and they want recognition, especially from the richest areas where people maybe don't realize what's happening out in the countryside and what imagines it's incumbent on politicians, of course to show some leadership after Necker choice for not having plans to prepare for this and ludicrously almost some frontline and leading politicians in Australia actually sidetracked with frankly, ridiculous story. Well, they should be they're always on the big picture because he's very serious as you said, Malcolm Turnbull. He's still attracting some negative headlines. Full story. Some so ridiculous. Well, maybe remind us about remind us about the origins of this one. Well, this is cold hashtag pie gate, of course. And and Malcolm Turnbull. The Australian Prime minister is falling in a long tradition of world leaders who are have embarrassed themselves with the way they eat food that solves see President Trump eighteen KFC with a knife and fork. There's admitted bans clumsy attempt to eat a bacon sandwich in two thousand fourteen which made headlines and now Turnbull was court or overall, but he put it on his own Instagram account as short video of him eating a pie, a meat pie, which is really considered a national additional strata with a knife and fork, which sort of led to total ridicule on social media and above all sort of claims that it was very Unal stray Lian at a little bit snobby to eat to each through pie. Is tricky. I'm in a small pork pie for long. I'd have. I'd have a crack at one of those just him, but if it was a big old pie. The pastry? Yeah, I would that with great gravy point out. Yeah. I mean that people on social media who have countries defense said, actually, you can enjoy applied any any way you can. There was an Australian radio host suggested there's nothing wrong, but a right wing columnist tweeted back to him sane. He was unfolded, blocked and reported for promoting on Australian activities. But this you mentioned this idea of snow breathe. That is a bigger picture, isn't it? So many politicians is not just in Australia, but they're sort of damned if they do, and they that turned if they, if they don't tumbles, never going to be seen as one of us by a sort of a large working class demographic is simply not going to happen. Absolutely. Internal is extremely wealthy him and his wife Lucy, it worth an estimated two hundred million dollars. He had a very successful business career before entering politics. He has an enormous house on right on the harbor. Sydney's harbour with views overlooking the water which is in Sydney's most expensive suburb. So I think what this really see what the headlines really about is people fleeing a little bit uncomfortable with this prime minister who so wealthy. And I think that was sort of Sunda rather wonderfully. By the northern territory newspaper the n. t. news which when he became prime minister said, quote, rich dude becomes PM north mostly put. So it's a silver spoon rather than Northgate. To keep it utensil focus. Let's talk a little bit about why. I guess he's kind of a hospitality story towards a finely, and this is quite interesting because one of the things I guess people worry about is the sort of a veracity of reviews and all the rest of it and a launch fine for manipulating hotel reviews. This is an intriguing. One isn't quite as zeitgeist story, I guess. Yeah, absolutely. So Meriden which is a massive Australian property group known for it, some service departments among other things today on the most read article on the guardian homepage, the guardian has a straight and homepage and Australian news team was ordered to pay three million dollars by the federal court. It's being found in breach of consumable, and that was because it means manipulating trip advisor reviews to be more in its favor. So what what it was doing was it was sending essentially defunct emails to trip advisors. When Trump advises sentence guests emails to prompt them for a view, they would just bounce back and it did this by inserting initials before the the Email, the Email address, which was NIS stunning American service departments originally hugely complex..

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