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Our guest also has a background in the field of bullying prevention that gives him a unique perspective because of the connection between self sabotage, bullying and mindfulness. We've got an exciting show for you today with our featured guest. Bruce Langford. Bruce with each other a couple years where actually this year we're at a conference together again but you know how would you describe yourself and your own words? Well. I would describe myself as somebody who's pretty calm pretty relaxed and it's as a result of the meditating that I do in the mindfulness practice that I do and you know a few years ago I. Decided I wanted to learn to ski and after I spent some time on a few small hills I took the high speed quad here up to the top and I skied over the edge and I have this overwhelming feel fear you know this feeling of fear mixed with pure excitement and on that I run I had this this feeling of just letting go and allowing myself. To float over the snow and you know and I just thought you know this is a great analogy to using mindfulness in business letting go but staying in control enjoying the ride but being aware of risk and you know just kind of watching the scenery but staying present and aware you know that's that's a great I went through a long period of skiing I was in Colorado and I actually said, wow, this is kinda cool at forty two. I discovered my ultimate sport because I love waterskiing and then of course, you blow out one of your knees and you blow up the second needing to the you know the surgery and all that kind of stuff. But you know this is a unique show I know you're GonNa really enjoy today because it's an exciting topic you usually think of mindfulness as. Part of that holding hands and singing Koumba and you know being a more connected with yourself. It's more the soft side of life and business, and here we are talking about mindfulness and how you can increase your bottom line. So if you're a coach, your mentor, your consultant. Or advisor of any type, this is going to be an exciting show for you and that's why had roussin. So first of all Bruce, let's start with the basics. Let's define some terms here because mindfulness. You know has a lot of different takes. What is mindfulness me? Mindfulness means focusing on now being present right now not being. So caught up in worrying what's going to happen tomorrow worrying about the future or focusing on what happened in the past and it's also about. Judging not judging other people not judging situations not judging yourself. So those are are aspects of mindfulness that are just critical to to get those. What you know I almost want to just jump in completely here and I know we're GONNA paint a path and has some steps here but. How is it that you see a relationship between becoming more mindful And increasing your bottom line. Because these days more and more clients are looking for people who are authentic people are looking for a coach or maybe they don't even know they're looking for a coach. They need somebody that they can relate to somebody they feel comfortable with and through mindfulness you can be that person because so often were were so worried about the cash were worried about the bottom line were worried about will I Have Enough coaching clients and you know what people can feel that they can just just feel that you're so concerned about that but it may be a subconscious thing. What we need to do as coaches is be more relaxed more authentic honest and they can tell that and once you start practicing mindfulness, you start meditating and start using some of these tools that will just come across to your potential clients. Okay. So let's cut a model this because you're you're listening and maybe you're saying to yourself okay I, it's a great concept Bruce but I wanNA know specifically how am I going to do this as a coach because right now I'm looking for more clients. I. Need to put more money in the bank. Are you know I want to grow my business financially? Tell me how to do this what would be some steps that someone might be able to take bruce? The first step is you need to increase your listening ability. You have to be a great listener you have to be. Hundred percent present when you are talking to whoever it is that potential client and you need to be aware of your body language because that's what they're picking up, they're picking up, you know I contact or lack of it. They're picking up everything about your body language and all of these are All of these are aspects which contribute to how good listener you're being. So that's the first one. So let's start and kind deconstruct for moment because I meditated a lot of things that I do to become present. How does someone take? Say, the practice of meditation is maybe you meditate or even the practice of teaching some deep breaths because that also brings you present. And how does that translate because? I I am all in I mean to me it's about being a listener. That's what I do is a host I'm listening to you. How does that translate to listening skills is there's something you need to do specifically to become a better listener. Yeah you need to be absolutely focused on what you are thinking at that time. You know you are so easy for us as human beings to be. We think we're being present. We think we're listening to what the other person's saying, but we're actually thinking about you know what am I? What's my next question GonNa be your what's my next common? What what did I answer last time you know we wanna be full so you want to be totally present on them totally present. Yes. Okay and then let's just draw that out you're in let's say you're an enrollment call with somebody and you're being present. Qualitatively How does that change often times the result of that call in terms of somebody buying or not buying. Well. It changes it because I'm listening for clues I'm I'm getting to know that potential client and I'm learning what their values are and by learning what they're all about. Then I know what to offer, and as soon as I figure out exactly what I'm going to offer. So I can help that person vacancy my value as a coach. Then before long they are going to be asking me, how can I work with you know? Jesus. This just feels right. This feels like we have a connection here and I would really like to work with you. How do we do that? Yep Okay. So they're they're having experienced because I was just right before this call on the call with somebody I might hires as my next coach that I'm working with and what was important to me is that he heard me I felt heard. I think that's what you're saying that and I have a lot of people tell me. Oh you get me. Yeah, that's right. That's exactly right that connection is made. You you really get me. So what would be the next step that someone would take to kind of bring this of full force Ford about mindfulness and let's say you've got the enrollment call. This is now a client and you're working with the client. It's month after month. How does being mindful actually further, the coaching process in terms of the value they get. That's one question I'll just let you address these. However you want and in terms of how it makes that client you know realize they actually want to keep working with you..

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