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Quote from the sky Al Hubbard is a part of. The indie chamber quote I was sorely disappointed. In IP SS proposal I. Think it's very unfair To the tax payer That's so rich l. let. Me read this again this coming from a guy who was on board with violating the Indiana constitutional right to tax cap protections by one hundred million dollars screwing over many of his own members by. Two hundred million dollars. Here's what he said I was sorely. Disappointed in this proposal I think it's very unfair to the taxpayer No MR Hubbard what was unfair to the tax payer. Was your proposal to stick it to them by. One hundred million dollars this is such an elitist attitude right here from Al Hubbard Al Hubbard you in the indie chamber you're getting exactly what you deserve because you able this monster you kept it. Alive because instead of. Actually standing up for your members instead. Of actually standing up for the Indiana constitution You wanted to. Play club sport you wanted to get in bed. With IP s and you got. Burned the Andy chambers out, on the side of the tax payer they're not on the side. Of their members there on the side, of being, a part of the club there on, the side of being a part of the team the goal along get along crowd we got money. Sure, everybody else does too I love. This this referendum is going to, go down in flames this is not going to pass and thankfully. In the process a group that has. Not on the side of. The tax payers and I? Have. Said this. For years indie chamber not on the? Side of the people not on the side of the folks got burned. And they got shown for exactly what they are hey the. Referendum statute is awful states I gonna, do anything about it but this might just be one case, where works out tremendously Ninety-three WIBC rob KENDALL end for the chicks on the right coming up next dad Qatar per Donald Trump he got very tweedy over the weekend including a very very direct approach to Iran we'll talk about it next.

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