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Car was were ten thousand dollars less the second the car was registered in your name. There's now a used car that you're driving. It's no longer a brand new car. That's why God invented gap insurance to cover the difference between the two because what they have to do is either repair the car. They're being twelve thousand dollars is being repaired. Okay. Then that's what you get. It's going to have a car that's repaired. All they have to do is bring the car to where it was the moment of the crash, and that's there that is their liability, not the value of the car. Just a repair now, whenever you start talking about the value of a car. That's when the cars totaled. And that's when the value of a car argument kicks in and they only have to pay you the value of the car at that moment, which is less than the cost of a brand new car. You're out thousands of dollars partner. Well, well, I guess you are because a repaired car twelve thousand dollars worth of damage, and I don't even know if it really hits that hard, not, not these days, but you have a car that is two months old, and it's been repaired the tune of twelve thousand dollars in. Congratulations. So there isn't answering this drive into the ground. And then it doesn't matter drive it for five years. And it doesn't matter. Is it a lease or is it a purchase? It's a purchase. Background. There is no other way. Otherwise, you're gonna lose a good chunk of money and instantly I once had the pleasure of doing that ever seen gap insurance and the not having it. And believe me, I got burnt on that one. Pretty good. The other situation is simply leasing a car, and then you don't care. Salihi company's problem. Now here's your car back three years later. And if there's any things or anything wrong with the other person's insurance, this is handle on the lawn. Every two seconds of victim of identity theft, which means that a criminal could be spending your money applying for loans in your name, damaging your credit. Well,.

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