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Know how at everybody's fingertips I've got to be all shriveled up at this point all, of, that, rain, you know you step out into the soil anywhere up now my shoe Sank into the ground what's happening to me is I'm getting grass growing up. Between the pavers on my pool deck really oh yeah so much. Rain yeah yeah it is it is it's been quite a quite a run here of of rainy days and for anybody who's trying to get out and mother yard and. Do yardwork oh too bad you. Can't then you get a letter from h laser. Totally not sympathetic was just gonna, say the same thing because they tell you you got to replace your grass you cannot even thought right now the signs. Are flooded, right the trucks and the gear will just tear up the strips of. Side I mean it is. It is an absolute mess right now and all you can do is. Just kind of grin and bear it and wait for us to get a little bit drier and then and then Marcia is you know we'll be able. To pivot and then complain about other. Forms of weather with appeal to complain about the tropics and. We'll be able to complain about how we haven't had rain in so long and whatever. The weather is we can always find. Some way somehow to complain about the weather I am. Sure speaking of which. Six twenty, one now are full five day forecast brought to you by Offices a. Hail hail. And Jacobson here's the man who never complains about the weather our chief meteorologist Tom Terry the roundabout noon storms today Joe if you promise me. You, won't go. Out and. Do a lot of driving in it later. Today we are going to see some scattered storms sixty percent coverage and again, we're kind of waiting for both. Seabreezes to get going to get. These storms rumbling so, mid? To late afternoon start time pretty much across the I four quarter sixty. Percents storm, coverage with. Locally up to one do two inches. Of rain Apopka had three and a half yesterday some of the higher rain totals sixty percents storm coverage again tomorrow but then. Drier air coming in as high, pressure rebuilds, over the state from the land that's gonna bring a rain chance down to slightly below are seasonal average down, to a forty percent rain chance Friday which is about normal and a thirty percent storm coverage for the weekend. With highs staying where they should be in the low nineties they. Extended five day forecast four times an hour from channel nine eyewitness news I'm certified chief meteorologist Tom Terry All right Tom now we do have a couple, of showers popping up out of, Merritt island we've, got a shower that just popped up briefly down in parts of south Orange County and Osceola county now it is seventy seven and. Muggy at our Landau severe weather station tape touch security triple team, traffic.

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