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But oh, this is not. Okay. He didn't fire magic. Because magic basically got pushed out, right? My system magic referred to genius. That's my system talking sideway. Like we could talk about this for the good angles takeover. Take over. Kendrick. Thank you today. Why is Vince Carter still age forty two guys going? We'll discuss that Knechtel. Could you? Early. Vince Carter is never leaving the NBA. He announced yesterday that he's coming back for his twenty second season, which will be an NBA record. Vince averaged about seven points in seventeen minutes per game for the hawks last season at the old age of forty two. But there's no guarantee he'll be a hawk neck season. Vince is currently twentieth on the all time scoring list. Shannon house apprised are you? He's still playing. The thing is give accepted his role. He's more of a mentor now than a player that's going to help you win a lot of ballgames games as you Jenny mentioned seventeen minutes a game sim four played seventy six games. And if he worked it will be on the team next year could be the first player to play in four different decades ninety thousands of teens and twenties. Wow. You know, what's? In order for you to do this. You have to accept that. I'm no longer that player in very few. Great players can do that. That's what makes it so hard for them to play for a long period of time. Because now all of a sudden, I go from averaging twenty twenty five the game and hearing all the cheering this about me to now a role player. I'm a bench player accepted that and yet and good for him. So Tom Brady next year at forty two will not have to play special teams, right? Exactly not be a backup tied in the. He will be the starting quarterback. And he will be a star in. It is very very rare. Especially in basketball that a superstar can eat so much humble pie. He can swallow almost all of his VIN sanity ego. The point. I'll just be a call. I'll play seventeen minutes isn't bad, but I'll average single digit scoring average seven points the last five seasons. He's averaged under ten points a game. And he seems completely happy with. This once about a time he scored twenty eight a game back in his third season. Once upon a time, he won the dunk contest and his second year. It's never been quite the Senate right instead degraded when he Federick vice Olympics. That's unbelievable. Here's what we are not skilled going into your twenty two we say Carter there the time. You never dressed in. Vince it was been sanity now. So now goes by real go go. Government. Think about this. He made eight all-star teams, and he hasn't made an all star team in twelve years and he's still in the league. And he's still happy. Jeff. And again, Carmelo Anthony can't find a team he cannot find. He's been the league said we're finished with you. He's not going to accept this kind of role. Would you say he won't accept? Caught a heavy accepted this if I want to continue to play this is how I'm going to have to do it. Yeah. Carmella wants to play but he wants to play, but I still need to get them twenty two twenty Iraq. Because call still thinks he's a superstar in again Camilla can be a little difficult in the locker room because he is Carmelo Anthony and thence is just a good guy. He will blend into any locker room and everybody will like him, and he will be a mentor to all the players in. And he will. It's all positive vibes. He's he's high character. He's a good guy. Again, you say. You call them Carmelo we never dress him as it mellow. Lebron though lead to being Carmel will Lee before everybody started dragging him. Lebron now what LeBron leave? He ain't go say, that's all I ever call bra king. You address them. Yeah. Emoji would crown..

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