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Welcome back on radio, and this is going to be somewhat of a ramp. So. This actually comes from a Greek proverb, and it's also found in the New Testament as I was doing some study recently in this is one of those things where I'm kind of amazed at what happens in business and the frustration that happens when people don't get their way. So without disclosing names or anything else. I just to kind of talk through the concept and the principle that takes place when there's so many people I run across these days who get frustrated things aren't working the way, they want them to work, and they take no responsibility for things in their own life, and basically point the finger and tear down everybody else around them. So. The story basically or this proverb comes to greet progress and says it's hard for you to kick against the pricks. And I want to give some clarifications far as what the term means. And how all this done. So. Basically in New Testament period time in old agricultural times and Osgood was a stick and had appointed piece of iron on it. And it was used to prod the oxen along when they were ploughing now, the farmer would prick the animal or the steer Bissett can get them going in the right directions. But sometimes the animal would rebel and would really kick out against the prick and doing that. What happens it would actually result in that prick being driven even further into its flesh innocence, the more the ox rebelled the more that it suffered. So when Jesus was on the roads in masks came across Saul guys out there, who's frustrated with the whole Christian movement and was fighting.

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