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Told me for his threeyear span i can have a quarterback that average forty three hundred yards sixty three percent completion and over those three years he threw ninety one touchdowns and fortyfour interception for just take it i think most people taken a heartbeat that's eli that's what he did in two thousand fourteen three touchdowns fourteen interceptions two thousand four are are fifteen thirty five touchdowns fourteen interceptions than twenty six touchdown sixteen interceptions all those years forty four hundred yards in the area of sixty three percent to push now again i know you can't put it all on that those aren't bad i mean those are numbers ride a look at that night say while that somebody really decline we need to take a look if you want to get into he's thirty seven we're not sure about the future we mean may need to take a look as i said from the business side of this there's part of me that understand because you're right nobody's immune but i did take a little bit of wait a minute is is is play really been going that bad when you look at some of those numbers what the ear abuse money is way i feel about it and you know look i look at lascaux when it when the giants won eleven five right uh had a number one desus but you live you are men head wonder worse cube yours only better than blake bortles ryan fizz naturally hougang hitler you're right so you know i i think for eli for him to be successful there's a lot of things well him has to be right and i think when it when you look at the giants this year being sydney to a 9 and the age that he lied in his age currently right now then a chance i know fought the giants for saying you know what.

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