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Jokes. Aside is just too soon if anything if our with him I would probably two weeks and then decide whether or not I would open up apprentice. Say Okay we'll it's just one size slowing down. Let's open up the price resuming. But that's my larger problem with a lot of businesses around this time they're trying to open up. They're like okay. Well we gotta make money and I completely understand. Look I'm trying to make money too but at the same time it's like what? What level of risk are you willing to take? Are you comfortable with? And this is not the kind of risk like Oh we're GONNA lose a couple of thousand bucks a couple of million dollars. No YOU'RE GONNA lose somebody's life. This is not the regular kind of risks. That businesses are necessarily used to dealing with technically. They shouldn't have deal with that but unfortunately this is the case Of course with business is always risks. And you have to be comfortable with a certain level of risk and I completely understand that again. The problem is the risk is human lies. How many players are you willing to potentially lose to this disease for union to continue to make money off of the NBA? And that's not a question I can necessarily answer for 'em silver. That is a question that he has to ask himself and by what he's doing he feels comfortable enough with potentially losing a couple lives so we'll be paying attention to that Continuing on is listen. John Van Clowney situation. Even guys haven't been paying attention on Don Danillon Crowley has been a little bit of a standoff with the Seattle seahawks. I'm not quite sure why he's even doing this. I guess he's assuming that you know. He's proved his birth with three sacks last year so unfortunately I mean he is a great guy regarding his defense but he's definitely not worth paying any more than got paid last year so he's kind of one a little bit stalemate we're not quite sure what he's doing there so he was trying to blow out the Seattle seahawks paying him more. Or He's not gonNA sign it's not gonNA sign any contract Of course the Seattle seahawks have called his bluff in right now. Cloudy is technically out of a job. Had this type of training video for other places as well as Seattle seahawks to show that he's healthy. He has recovered from his injury mashed year. Now the biggest problem is unfortunately he's trying to board game. Maybe helping now but the question is can you stay healthy and I think that a lot of these players are thinking about situations they did. Yes you are healthy. Now yes your excellent now. Yes you can do. It now believed to be able to do it later. How long will you potentially be sideline? How long were you on the injured reserve and ended up essentially paying for dead money and not having the caliber of personnel. But I thought that I was going to have but unfortunately you're injured so I'm going to deal with second best and that's something that again these players on thinking about and I understand You know you under that. You think that you're helping you think that you know you're going to be able to stay healthy forever but unfortunately especially within the NFL people get injured and injuries. The older you get they sideline you longer and longer And John Damian not no spring chicken so he will definitely be out for a considerable amount of time if he has entered again so the question is will he humbled himself enough to realize. This is definitely an issue with him is a risk but it's not a risk that they're unwilling take the Seattle has said that they're willing to take John. Deviant back on is not an issue for them. Their biggest issue is dealing with the uncertainty that he brings all on and how much money then you brings. He that he wants if he can somehow lower price tag is something that is considerably A little bit more pros and cons to deal with the risk of having been. Hey definitely probably sign him because they said that they have an open door policy for so again that being said we'll be paying attention to that. We're GONNA be seeing how that works out for him Guides it's going to be a pretty short episode. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you. Guys not too much has been going on. Of course you guys should be paying attention. I believe. Nfl teams have just started dropping their schedules. I know somebody who's schedule at two PM for the Carolina Panthers. They're going to be dropping their schedule at eight PM. So we're going to be even some library actions on our twitter. Make sure that you follow us on twitter and that is at at. Id K forecast again at on his Gorkhas. Make sure you follows on a tourist and get those lie reactions of the NFL schedule now There is a little bit of rumor going around at the first four weeks is going to be. Nfc BURS AFC. So we're going to see whether or not that actually happens. That should actually be pretty interesting. a little bit more than we're used to dealing with ticket with different conferences matching towards each other. It's typically like maybe like one or two weeks so we're going to see what's going to happen with the schedules with these. Schedules are looking like who's going to be having a hard time. I'm praying at the. Can't we'll find some place to go for the panthers? I'm hoping that we can have a somewhat challenging with somewhat schedule being on a lot of new people so we want to give them a little bit of a taste of the NFL. But we don't let it to be too difficult for it to be a hard way for us it. Potentially we get to the playoffs playoffs issue. I can't necessarily say for certain because like I said it's a lot a lot of new people so I can't necessarily save it. I wish I could because that would definitely make minded. That would definitely day. Unfortunately we're just going to wait and see that Seattle so until then guys stay safe washer hands and make sure that you take care yourself in their family all right. I will check in with you guys next week on Thursday at six. Make sure that you tell your friends about this podcast in. Hey don't forget about our pod fan page you can go to pod Dan Slash. Ibj case we'll have all episodes of loaded on the aim for two ninety nine a month. You can listen to all episodes re post. We're going to be any a micro cast so we're going ending up. Podcast onto the podcast. You're going to be able to hear my sincere thoughts two minutes or less. Hey I think it's a whole lot that you're getting all right getting your favorite podcast episodes. Every plus the micro cast and behind the scenes photos and videos plus. I'm going to be interacting with all the members on our member page on their website. So it's much checkout. There's so many great great things going on over there by the way guys. I WanNa throw a quick thank you. You're at two hundred and seven downloads. This is a long long way from where we started just five months ago with this podcast a little less than five months ago. And that's what makes it even more extraordinary D- just WANNA say quick. Thank you The chances of there being a potential away I'm thinking of doing a giveaway potentially twenty or thirty dollars. We'll see we'll update you so in order. Nobody giveaways probably going to be a again so much that you really follow us on twitter. Did you guys want be Walden. Daddy can wait only to know about it again. It's probably going to be on twitter because hey only hosts the podcasts week. So because I'm on twitter page every week right net so eight hoops you so much to follow us on twitter feed so and they're probably going to be member updates on that as well so again twitter. Make sure that she go to our website. Because you're gonNA find out about this if if your kitchen the highlights again guys all right. I can't wait to see you guys again next week at six. So many great things going on one so I will see.

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