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To like camping world bowl on ESPN radio and on the D. S. temperature with you in our studios we are out there have been Notre Dame has the twenty to six lead over I always state college football ESPN radio brought you by camping world making are being fun and easy since nineteen sixty six the first half highlights for the Irish in their fourteen point advantage of Iowa state coming up but it's about two and a half hours from now we will have kick off in the college football playoff semi finals it starts at the chick fillet peach bowl that trip began my conversation earlier today with heather damages we previewed the two semifinal games the big question for LA she'll was about a Clyde Edward to layer the running back for the Tigers at his hamstring injury and I asked heather did sh what happens if he can't go well I think it's I think it would be a problem for them but I also think that there are so many other of playmakers on that team that I think that when you look at that match up between LSU and Oklahoma I think it's a really hard to pick against LSU regardless and when you look at the way Oklahoma got into this thing into the house about playoff semifinal I think they're still fortunate to be there and and their depleted as well so to me I think LSU is still the better team regardless of of what happens with him I would agree as well I would start to wonder and think that Oklahoma's got a little bit more of a shot but in your mind does Oklahoma almost half the play the perfect game if they're going to pull off the upset is almost two touchdown underdogs today the deal but I think so much of it needs to focus on their defense which is what we've all continually talked about as long as Oklahoma has been in the college football playoff semifinals there only three in the C. F. P. and in each of those games they've given up at least thirty seven points in this year's defense under Alex grant has been remarkably better and that's because last year was historically bad right but when you're talking about these two teams of strength on strength it's all about the offense the question is can Oklahoma's defense in my mind slow down Joe burrow and that Alice you office because they are balanced they are a good team everybody you know focuses in on Joe burrow but their ability to run the ball has also help them as well so I do think that they need to play I near flawless game they certainly can't turn the ball over again such an opportunistic offense the team but also you let's give them some credit because they are first in the country in big places to those twenty our place so there's some pressure on Ellis you defense as well in this game certainly because they are strength on strength when it comes off and brought it up heather Jenny GSP in dot com college football insider joining us here in college football I presented by track thought you reference to Oklahoma zone three a year ago when Notre Dame got AB absolutely housed we all said that zip never put the Irish in again Oklahoma is only three heather how much pressure from the from the outside standpoint of that they have to win today they've got to do something to at least look good to look like they deserve to be here all right I think everybody who just as fan of the sport is hoping for a good competitive game right nobody wants to see another one of those lopsided semi finals same time have a let's keep some perspective here I love just kind of grounding expectations there in this semi yeah right I mean there are a lot of coaches in a lot of players out there who would love to be in Oklahoma issues even if they are in three going into this game I mean they've made it they finished in the top four do they do they need to make a statement the lead but hello Hugh is a really good for pots himself as a fan of the sport I hope it's a competitive game as well but I also think expectations kind needs to be tempered a little bit and Oklahoma certainly does deserve a Pat on the back for at least getting to this spot once again that's certainly an accomplishment for Lincoln rally college football playoff semifinal to chick fillet peach bowl it is Ellis you in Oklahoma coverage on ESPN ready on the ESPN app beginning at three PM eastern time they kick just after four PM eastern time okay now the big one heather the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl between number two and number three climbs in and Ohio state as you've kinda sad hearing it and baited about as to who's going to win and how this is going to go down in your mind how is this game decide mild defensively right my my question is for for both teams defensively can Ohio state and taste young slowdown Trevor Lawrence and pressure him into mistakes because guess what he's not making them anymore alright we've seen a totally different Trevor Lawrence in the second half of the season no intersections completing seventy six percent of his passes I mean consider that seventy six percent of passes that's outstanding so to me those two things are what will make the difference in the game which one of those defenses can really locked down and make those dot net city just a jumping off point because Wall Trevor has put up those ridiculous numbers let's also call a spade a spade the competition has not ban where what they're going to see today is this where climbs in is very soft schedule not their fault kind of the way the conference was do you think that kind of sneaks up today and they get exposed to a little bit that is my biggest question going into this game it's not talents not anything else scheme exes and ohs whatever it what does Clinton do you how do they handle it yes by chance there down by a touchdown or ten points and and it matters because this isn't falling behind against a mediocre team this is falling behind that would be falling behind against one of the best teams in the country and how did they respond to that who wins both games the spot I I picked Alice you with with a lot more confidence and I wound up taking I picked a higher speed is my conversation with heather did it says he's in the confidence pool on ESPN dot com bowl media she has L. issue and Ohio state in the college football playoff semi finals coverage starts to our one hour fifteen minutes now three PM eastern time the ESPN app and data beginning at four PM eastern time they kick off the chick fillet peaceful followed by the PlayStation PS the ball coming up next at a college football live halftime report first half highlights for the Irish.

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