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His surname is Becka despite the five is allison on his show the father everybody calls them Alison yet because he wanted a Frenchman Ingo. You decided to bend the rules. No no I D. I didn't bend the rules. Got My Kotei. Bend the rules. He was very explicit at the beginning. Saying okay the first name starts with the name and a surname with something is done. Does that doesn't count so Aleksey Sanchez. For example he's on his shirt. I mean I don't know who would have put him in Tim. But this is not the point here. The point is he's Alexis Sanchez. He's on his shirt. But Sanchez is a surname. Like Becca Boris Becker. Boris Boris Becker. Listen Becca Allison Becker. His surname is Becka. He's first name is allison and because in Brazil a love them use their first name as cool name as their surname. Whatever you use. Allison but he's name is Baker. I'm sorry I I realized should be people first. Choice keeper with name starting with simple so if we if we drink greatest ever players beginning with the letter R. Run out dean. Yeah wouldn't be in there because he's run out the couch. Oh no that's different that's different. That's no is food name. It's like it's like Pele got got ucla the pods. So how would you call it? The do school at Cigna Jacuzzi do nasty mental Pele's different. It's like Romario like Ronaldinho. Ronaldo all of them is like that right like Cristiano Ronaldo e counts us on a C. Right Alison Becker Isabella. Christiano Ronaldo Nigel's Gab bully on that show continuously and then you need to stand up for yourself I did. That's why I listen. Thank you very much tools by the way. If you want to hear that for eleven you can download the latest edition of the Gavin Jobs. Podcast now over on the website. But it's something we haven't looked for a while but this is how the Premier League looks of course a lot of speculation about how they could play these final few matches to tie up the season and we welcome Craig. Burley back from his vacation. Wore a moment craig I am. I know she's been tweeting that much. But you did tweet much sympathy. I saw two players who may be concerned that playing matches over a short period of time. Cool some muscle strains yeah. I don't think it was necessarily players but I read something about some Boffin. Some expert Wall Premier League officials that trying to squeeze excellent Games into whatever they may be remaining of. The season could cost cost some serious muscle damage. Oughta garbage. We're in a moment where you know. People are obviously fighting for the lives as a DEMOC- around the world and we and we have some people feeling sorry potentially for primarily football as it should be fed a federal in the world have squeeze a few extra games then is is the biggest problem facing everybody. I think it just sums up some of the cartoon world these primarily please rob pen. It's absolute nonsense as I said. I think you said on twitter occupational Heiser. The you got to do what you're going to do to get this season. Finish what it takes. I suppose the chills earlier about those quotes that Rio Ferdinand put up on instagram regarding the future of the League saying that they should just avoid it now..

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