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Dive into the politics for just a moment here on case. There's a credible story. That I want to get into this has to do with those of you follow the NHL. I mean, if you follow the NHL, well, you'll you'll remember the name Joe Murphy. Joe Murphy played with the Detroit Red Wings about fifteen years of the NHL. Earned thirteen million dollars over his fifteen years and the guys fifty years old now. Homeless. Oh, that's so sad. And a lot of people are pretty much convinced. He's got CTE the chronic traumatic encephalopathy and Steph philosophy and cephlon though p. Degenerative disease from repeated blows to the head. Okay. What we'll get into this just really a sad story. But these things happen. Hey, the meantime, this is sad. What what's happening in America? The lack of civility. It's just off the charts. And you've got all these thugs the anti foos the paid activists the community organizers whipping up these lemmings into a frenzy. It's crazy. I mean, here's Hillary Sherry give us the Hillary short clip from a longer clip where she's talking about civility. Take a listen. You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you what you care about. This is their excuse. No, you're you're trying to wreck America. So we will we will go as low as we have to go. We don't care. It's all justifiable. In fact, Michelle Obama had that lie day, go low we go. Hi, here's Eric Holder. Former attorney general Eric Holder hoops, some say is thinking of running for office again at any rate. Maybe running for the president. I should say not that he's ever run for office in the past. He was the attorney general, but nonetheless here he is talking about the Republican party and had how to counter take a listen, Michelle always says. I love my wife went really.

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