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Says the vaccine rollout has been a failure. But help is on the way. Dr Anthony Fauci returns to the White House podium. New York City's canceled all first dose vaccine appointments through Sunday, and Governor Cuomo says the state is going to run out of the vaccine today. An alleged serial killer arrested here in the city. The NYPD Transit sheet says subway crime is not a problem and tonight's mega millions lottery jackpot is worth $970 million. In sports. The Knicks have won their third straight beating the Warriors 1 19 104, the Islanders beat the Devils for the one I mended after five o'clock on this Friday morning. It's time for a check on track. I'm City Weightman. With your W O r traffic. We start out with overnight construction work. If you're taking a ride on the Queens bound Whitestone Bridge, at least one lane is out. North found New England Thruway. Repair work in the right lane over by the Hutch and traveling on the BQE eastbound Cadman Plaza. That off ramp is closed till further notice Fares on a bridge. Lower level, Staten Island bound is closed with operational activity. The Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan has the right and center lanes closed with roadwork. Queensboro Bridge. Lower level in a roadway Queens bound has the right lane out and the Queensboro Bridge lower level outer roadway heading toward Queens with a full closure because of maintenance operations. Queensboro Bridge. Lower level Manhattan down has some left lane repairs You had to move across. Things are quiet. Alternate side parking rules are in effect today. And our next traffic update is coming up in 10 minutes on New York 7 10 W. O R. Two minutes down.

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