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We can't rely on some coming back. We can't rely on Comeback back and being one hundred we you know. We can't for los angeles. We can't rely on sinead Mckay being a hundred. Because it's not going to happen so at this point blank. Put in your mind. It's us we we're all we're all we need and all of these teams have a brutal schedule. The three teams. I just mentioned washington york Los angeles brutal brutal schedule going down the stretch. So i i mean i think i agree with you. I think washington is a is my favorite to make it Impart because i do think the players back bahrain and and in part because believe out touch that's a feature of the gotta be. They gotta be the future. I think they will. I think was expert encourged flop. I mean if you're talking about a player like she tori walker kimbro who just signed along with best for the remainder of the season but for her to start the last eight games and play the way that she has been playing like on both sides. Yes her offensive prowess has aggressive. I mean last night against connecticut. She was four five from the floor. May both of our threes got lying eight times. She's very aggressive. She was in attack voted. She said after the game she said. I watched film from the dallas game and saw that i was playing very passively and decided to change that and who knocked in the first shot of the games she told off kimbro with confidence and i think that she also said he best post game last night that you know yes. We have injuries. Yes we have. Elena gina out but no no one's gonna feel sorry for us so we can't feel sorry for ourselves lead gotta go play and we have opportunities because we have games in front of us to take what we have to do. And yes you can depend on other teams losing to give yourself a better chance but once you start looking around what everybody else is doing you lose. Focus on the task at hand task at hand is to play your best basketball right now and i think that's what washington is is keeping in front of them. And you're gonna side i. Of course you're jockeying for for that a spot impossibly seventh. I dunno but jockeying to get in ned. Of course you're going to glance but that doesn't mean you're you're you're stayed on the other lane of this race. You gotta stay in your own lane. The you have to do your best with your skill set. I mean. Let's talk about natasha out when we were already talking about john. Paul jones for mvp Brianna jones for most improved right. How about natasha. Cloud for defensive player of the year. I mean she takes beat-up this assignments night in nine out and not because coach says. Hey you're gonna take she said. Let me take the top players. And i'm sure coast tibo assigned to her but at the same time you know your players are to have to want that type of challyi'j are else you. You're not gonna as a coach. You're not gonna put him but the cianci cloud is incredibly confident with her defensive skill set i mean she held to honor bonner scoreless in the first half. That was her match last night against connecticut and ultimately she was she ended up to ten arm. Sorry to of twelve from the floor in one of six from three so this is dewana bonner coming into the game averaging sixteen. She held her seven. So this is a player that is is disruptive Mitchell has said as in some of post practice opposed game comments about how she has disrupted diana. Ross on house. She has disrupted now dr bonner and just so many players down the list on the list but she wants that that challenge. So that's what it's going to have to come down to and kids. I mean she was amazing last night as well. Six eight from the floor. Four five three so she got her shot back for her sixteen points and it was really good to see that because we had already discussed how she's going to get different defensive attention in the absence of double john and charles so for her to step up the way she did and to stay aggressive minded desk. Great stuff man. She didn't get to the line either talking about neck and not getting to the line aerial atkinson last night so but she was aggressive with with hunting. Her shot no hesitation on her releases. Goodspeed left on the on. The early lift of her shot was really pretty watched. Last night's while so they have enough. Like you said asian highs allen. I mean she was incredible while another double figures scoring performance by her sixteen points and they just need they just need. They just need to stay consistent with that. And it's their bench play also placed on selling play seven minutes but they they need everybody. They need everybody. Now's your opportunity. And i know coach has said this as well like hey discuss like you wanna to play more. Here's your chance like hey coach get more points on play well and we need you right. Now Natasha cloud said did she has charged team with you know we go as we go right. And especially she. I think she said summation hides allen at halftime of that dallas game before they had that avalanche of offense and that one point win. So i mean as long as they're holding each other accountable to what they can do. I believe they have.

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