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Border talking about the wall as we've got samples of the wall going up there in california are the border is is a big issue drug trafficking a big issue are these the places where jeff flake is senator wouldn't play wouldn't be tough wouldn't stand up for a variety of china yeah he would not at all um he was always targeted by well we need to increase legal immigration the occasionally you a cut in front of the few yeah i guess we can stop you know we cut dental illegal immigration but is a sales pitch was always to increase immigration doing comprehensive immigration reform and again eat even if you believe that in your heart you're not going to get elected an arrow era we can lower dna hooked him if what attitude you know were kind of ground euro for people wanting to get tough on immigration and you know or you're just tired of hearing people running through the border it's like i have no problem with a with a gate just uh you know sign the guest book on the way in basically talking to john gabriel of rick cochet dot com and the arizona republic on the all national bank newsmaker hotline you talk about other people getting in on this race is kelly warda dr kelly word is she not somebody who's considered conservative enough because i hear it in two ways somebody finally challenging someone like jeff flake i know that kelly word i think is getting some of that steve bannon money the and love or is kelly ward way out there and now finally we're going to see more actual conservatives people who have a possibility of winning getting into this gene o feet wide she's considered pretty french and uh eurozone a gop um don't really think the establishment arizona gop was actually very early national eta's hotel trump he regularly got biggest rally crowd here he keeps going back to his own up you could do the people the party year low them and so they but she even among this group of very conservative arizona gop chief who couldn't pretty cringe.

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