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Wow and then I your book pops up and they've probably of reddit Nancy in Bellingham Washington hi Nancy go ahead hi on incidentally I was just listening to a podcast with you then a while ago interesting yeah and I just tuned in your kind of the end of your talks I'm not really sure what all you covered but I do want to thank you for this work we covered it all Nancy all of it yeah but what I want to ask you if you're podcast and it's not pretty kick work for the central because that's the topic but in the park because you're also saying that there is a myth about crack cocaine babies and I was going to say as a nurse you can't talk to any nurse anywhere in this country that works in a nursery I don't but I work in a hospital but that this is a very real phenomenon bait crack babies is a real thing and you were saying lots of people take cocaine and you know the babies are all okay but if I you know I kind of wondered where you kind of got that idea when I can bring it up because you have such a great here again points and I feel that you know it's just yeah I know no I'm not I'm not saying that it's safe for okay to take cocaine or crack while you're pregnant and I'm saying I talk to someone knowledgeable in this industry you add this theory that crack babies was not a real phenomenon but I don't I certainly don't have any proof of that and what is crack cocaine as opposed to the powdered cocaine well it's it's known as free base and so he using baking soda to cook up the cocaine into something that you can smoke and so the crack epidemic was was really killing a lot of people in the eighties in particular gosh never stops doesn't they just think of other innovative ways to use these drugs yeah and you know fentanyl is is Justin and all these drugs and and math is becoming a much bigger problem in the US you know we heard about math a lot last decade just arrested two Arkansas professors chemistry professors just like Walter white breaking bad right exactly and so because sentinels cut into mass to those death rates are rising as well it's going to Bonnie in Kentucky let's see if we have time real fast money go ahead hi yeah and I'll try to be fat just one just one that's all we'll have time for a guy and well I just want you to have how it look for people that because you have a heart attack I think you could be suffocate and they're giving them at the hospital they gave it to me a month ago terribly is that normal what do they give it to you for I had surgery and with how I'm in recovery that had given it to me I was shaking so bad I had to give me demerol to to calm me down well I like I don't I don't think that's normal certainly but I will say that when Sentinel is given in a hospital setting these are trained professionals they know how to use the dosage properly Sentinel remains an important drugs in house well that's not to say that if I was a woman giving birth I would want fentanyl in and out but they're all things like that my wife has has stronger feelings about that than I do but for the most part you don't have to be afraid of hospital funds and all then what is that elephant tranquilizer we've heard about two that's sort of car fentanyl and if you think that fentanyl is bad car fentanyl is one hundred times stronger legally since you are making now well that being made in China as well and.

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