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Yeah i tightly and i think also some of this comes from the early europeans at reports when they first arrived at the islandstate they thought it's incomplete dustless and devastated and i am very poor and impoverished and by european standards it properly was butts add that doesn't mean that the the society and the people he who live there at the time i thought the same but actually they they probably were far far better adapted to it than they were given credit for an arts or believed the population decline orange abuse following european contract wore the reasons for yes a the diner really did have a population collapse pets eight was from quite a different reason and we do have lots of historical sources to explain lance and unfortunately it's made ju wave slave trades and especially in the 19th century there were quite severe slave rates from peru in the 1860s and until the 1880s on the seas was also bros in smallpox and tuberculosis for example uh so that the remaining population in the 19th century of was almost obliterated and what by she lets who was in eighteen 77 only a hundred and ten people remains on the island sorry going from a population probably have several thousand down to a hundred and ten in the 19th century and that's really the the real collapse a obese dryland that was cat jomon at the university bristol sticking up for the easter island is site while our over overuse of the planet's natural resources may be able to real the idea that these unfortunate island is some sort of powerful for global environmental suicide is at me.

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