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Washington has made clear no final decision has been made or how and when she was may leave or whether the issue is to be discussed Stoltenberg ads he wants to maintain credible deterrence and defense while maintaining the strong link between North America and Europe he underlines that Washington has increased its military presence in Europe in recent years and that's your P. and allies all spending more on defense the U. S. concern I'm Charles and the late this month India says twenty of its soldiers have been killed in a clash in the Himalayas with Chinese army troops it was the first deadly violence since the two neighbors faced off in a border dispute forty five years ago Indian officials say the troops fought each other with fists and rocks along with high altitude to rein in the clash that left twenty Indian soldiers dead North Korea is acting out on two fronts should announced it will re deploy troops to tourism and economic sites near the border with South Korea move comes after the north says it destroyed an office meant for a dialogue with the south the latest writes an escalation started when north Korean defector sent leaflets across the border criticizing Kim jong-un's regime the north retaliated with demonstrations and cutting communications with the south without any diplomatic movement experts fear a further escalation including new north Korean missile tests in week CBS news London former president Obama's ascent to help his former vice president former president Barack Obama will appear with his former vice president and the presumptive democratic nominee Joe Biden in a joint fundraiser next week it takes place next Tuesday and is billed by the by the campaign as a virtual grassroots event it will be the first time that you have appeared together since Mr Obama endorsed by now in April in an email to supporters from the buying campaign Mr Obama says that you will be answering your questions and talking to folks like you in the email Mr Obama referred to the November election as the most important election of our lifetime Matt Piper CBS news from Chicago public high school football coaches are concerned about the status of the upcoming season a number of Chicago public league football coaches have told the sun times they've been told there's no timeline to allow schools to participate in stage one of the I. S. HA return to play plan former football coach could L. Hayes says he's very worried there will be a season the IHSA release the guidelines back on June fifth and schools with district approval could begin voluntary strength conditioning June six a CPS spokesperson says they're working on it Hayes says the CPS wants to return to school day before they'll talk about a return to play date that Cassidy newsradio one oh five point nine FM we don't have much time subscribe to the W. B. B. M. all local podcast new version several times each day from newsradio.

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