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October the second that is the day win smoker show G. walked into a consulate in Istanbul and he didn't come out and what do we know about what happened to him. There eventually we came to learn that he was dismembered by a group of Saudi agents and his body was removed and to this day we do not know where that body is and it's important to point out that Tamaki was a columnist for the post and and that is widely believed that he was killed in that consulate because of his open criticism of the Saudi Arabian royal family the the CIA has determined with medium to high confidence that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman ordered cookies killing that has been something that has has been a stain on the effective leader of Saudi government and his relationships all around the world. It has been a stain among the European leaders. The whole house will join me in condemning the killing of Jamal Khashoggi in the strongest possible terms has been harshly condemned and in the United States in leaders in Congress the murder of Kashogi is in atrocity and an affront to humanity and the days after his disappearance members of Congress both sides of the aisles besides the Congress demanded information and dedicated ourselves to holding perpetrators accountable and and Republicans as well. NBS The crown prince is a wrecking ball. I think he's complicit in the murder Mr Shoghi to the highest level level possible. I think the behavior before the Kashogi murder was beyond disturbing and I cannot see him being a reliable partner to the United Yard states for the past year Mohammed bin Salman has been quiet when it comes to Kashogi at least until this week when sixty minutes aired aired an interview in which he fully denied any involvement with the killing absolutely not this was a heinous crime. Mike and I take full responsibility as a leader in Saudi Arabia especially since it was committed by individuals working for the Saudi government. What does that mean. Can you take responsibility when a crime is committed against Saudi citizen by officials working for the Saudi government as a leader. I must take responsibility ability that this was a mistake and I must take all actions to avoid such a thing in the future. Eleven officials have been standing trial in Saudi Arabia since since January. The kingdom has not named any of the defendants and the trial is taking place behind closed doors. There's very little that we're allowed to learn about the names names and identities what we do know is a top adviser to NBS Kettani who the United States believes has awesome responsibility for the murder and has actually sanctioned is not one of the eleven and so there have already been a lot of criticisms about how it's being conducted the lack of transparency and whether or not it has the scope that the international community believes it should have given at least as the US intelligence community understanding that this went all the way to the top so what was the international response like after Khashoggi's death and after it became clear that Mohammed bin Salman was very likely involved in it. The the international response was widespread condemnation. This is not something that happens very often. You do not have someone who is a US resident who is a columnist for a permanent US newspaper being killed for the things that they have written it is it was widely condemned and even inside the trump administration instauration president trump made a number of remarks at the outset saying that this looked like a total cover up and it looked like a grisly salie murder and at the at the original outset it was not downplayed original concept it was carried out poorly and the cover up was one of the worst in the history of coverups. It's very simple bad. Deal should have never been thought of somebody really messed up and they had the worst cover ever and we're should've understaffed is at the deal stamp what they thought about it because whoever thought of that idea. I think he's in big trouble and they should be in big trouble. Shortly after the death and after the immediate outrage the trump administration made a calculated decision and that decision was that they were going to preserve IRV the US Saudi relationship look Saudi Arabia's that have really great ally. They've been one of the biggest investors maybe the biggest investor country that they are doing doing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investments and so many jobs so many jobs thousands and thousands of jobs not only that they were also going to preserve the relationship the president trump his son-in-law jared Kushner and his secretary of state at cultivated with with the crown prince this young thirtysomething leader who was supposed to bring Saudi Arabia into a new fold even though Bambi s had been significantly damaged by this and by all of the accusations about his role in the murder they were going to hang by with him and president trump and secretary of state. Mike Pompeo took two different paths about how to rehabilitate that image for president trump he was probably in. May really the most honest actor in this whole situation he said from the get-go the Middle East is a messy place and Saudi Arabia buys a lot from the United States and that's something that shouldn't be easily squandered when you take a look into rough part of the world. It's a it's a nasty place. It's a nasty part of the world but if what happened happened and if the facts checkout it's something that's very bad at the same time. They have been a very very good ally of ours. They've been helping us a lot with respect to Israel. They've been funding a lot of things and he said I'm not one of those stupid. People who says I'm not just going to not do business with Saudi Arabia and so from that point on he set the tone which was the United States is going to continue its relationship relationship with Saudi Arabia Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo took a different route pompeo made these soaring promises that the United States was going to get to the bottom of this that would be held accountable. They're going to figure out what has gone on and there have already taken significant steps of capability. He frequently cited visa restrictions on twenty two people suspected of involvement in Jamal Kashoggi's murder and every time he's asked about a year out he says the same thing we are going to get to the bottom of we're not ruling out future steps but here we are a year out and no one has been charged charged with their involvement in the murder we still do not have Jamal Kashoggi's body and beyond that there have not been further author punishments other than saying that you can't travel to the United States and let's be real anybody who's involved in a high profile murder of this nature sure is not going to return to the United States. It's just it's just laughable and I think that the tack that President Trump and Mike Pompeo have taken has kind of given a cue to the rest of the world like you look at the international outcry that happened right after Caccia Staff and the I widespread criticisms of NBS and then you look at how he was greeted at the g twenty this summer where he was no longer this persona non grata that he he is beginning to be like back in the good graces of world leaders absolutely the G. Twenty seven it was a great example of the the key western powers powerful countries getting close to him taking photographs with him in the case of South Korea's signing memorandums of understanding with with him worth billions of dollars. it was an important moment is rehabilitation in the coming weeks. We might see a further moment of rehabilitation as the Saudi Arabia the plans it's Davos in the desert when like an annual conference and brings into world leader is and business leaders enrich people and influential people and absolutely take their annual investment conference and last year. A lot of companies were spooked a lot of CEOS pulled out according to a attendees list reviewed reviewed by the Washington Post. A number of blue chip firms are back in and so we've already seen it. It's not the first time but the re normalization formalization of MBBS is coming and what do you think is driving. This renomination is that that people just ultimately we don't think that they're going to be more answers on Kashogi staff or an ability to pin down and es more than he's already been pinned down that people don't really care about that death that political and business relationships with Saudi Arabia just so advantageous that they can't be sacrificed. Yeah I mean we are talking talking about Saudi Arabia. We're talking about one of the world's largest producers of oil. It's what drives the global economy and so to the extent that Saudi Arabia and its leadership is inconvenient that can become inconvenient for business leaders as well and so there was an incentive to go business as usual if NBS was not going to be removed and the US made clear from the beginning that it was not going to make an effort to recommend pressure or lobby the Saudi rulers to remove NBS with so with that with that settled it was going to return turned business as usual so even though M B S has come out pretty unscathed from this honestly a year later do you. I think they're a long term ramifications for him and for Saudi Arabia from the aftermath of Kashogi Sta. Yeah a number of analysts sir divided on this. I mean some say. NBS has come out unscathed the trump administration has successfully rehabilitated him on the international stage others say not so fast they look at the US Saudi relationship as something that has been tacitly or at least fully in some cases endorsed by both parties in the United States and now the U. S. Saudi relationship has become a source of partisan tension. There's a lot more questions about the US Saudi relationship. There's a lot more questions about the billions in dollars of arms sales the United States send over to Saudi Arabia the lot more questions about scrutiny of the US support for the Saudi coalition in Yemen. Those things have been tested in ways that they've never been tested before and so there is some analysts are looking at this and saying while NBS is temporarily okay. Hey the U. S. Saudi relationship might have been permanently damaged..

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