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Katie you're on the Mitch Albom program. Hi, katie. That's okay afternoon. Yeah. Yeah. So I so this this guy's been six times by the FBI, and this woman civic duty to step up now. So she let all of these can become go up the ranks in the judgeship. All the way to this point. And yet she founded her civic duty to step up now. Unbelievable to me unbelievable. And to your point earlier. Sorry. There's my earlier you stated that, you know, something in highschool can that follow you around Kenny? God bless 'em. I saying, oh, no. He shouldn't have you know, if he's guilty of this. Yes. Okay. This is a heinous crime that he's accused up, but for her to step up first duty at this point, I met I I'm really not convinced. And. His his. His testimony all of his witnesses. You know that this is not the man that he nor the judge. He's lived in exemplary life. If he screwed up in high school, and that's a big screw up. If he did do it. But I don't think he really did do it. He kept to her reality and other people call about helping her reality. That's true. It's her reality. Well, I mean, you know. Depending on how you want to argue it you can make a compelling case. Either way we were in here with some people earlier as we've been sitting and listening to it. And someone said, you know, she can't remember the house that this took place in now. That's that you know, people are mystified by that you remember something. That's so scarred. You and you don't even remember what house it was what weekend it was where it was or anything like that every as this person pointed out every detail that could prove true or false. You don't remember? But yet you remember every detail about something that haunted you for all these years who am I to say if that's how the mind works or the brain works. I don't know he seems to have everything on his side in terms of like background checks. Witnesses the certainly the numbers if this were a statistical thing, he's Dan Marino. He's got all the numbers, you know. But yet she certainly makes a very compelling. You listen to where you go. How could she be lying? And this is of course, the conundrum about all this eight seven seven. Who like the last caller because to me, I don't think that has any relevance that could be a political thing. And now, but if you're talking about just the case, the time shouldn't even bother to you either way you four, oh, I don't know. I think you can make an argument that time does matter. I think that the time to to of course, come forward. This was a time when it happened. But then does it change. If it's twenty years, does it change the guy has risen pretty high. I'm talking about the time from the from the letter to the end of the into the confirmation hearing when this came out that time that wasn't her doing on the letter was the last call was saying time where they brought. No, I think she was saying okay age fifteen. Mad at all. Because he another do with neither one of them. Did that's how long things take to get done with politics. Eight seven seven forty four Mitch debut on the Mitch Albom show. Hi, Ohio coming in go on. Yes. Yes. I think I have an overall summation of this and just a few points to make and I hope everyone listens to this. And that is this is basically what we have here is is is practical theology and hype Yaojie, it's a classic battle between good and evil. We wait. We want righteousness truth together country. Okay. What liberals tall truth and love is inside their soul. But we as Christians we must pray for God's intervention. It's ground zero. For Christianity be they choose Christians or loophole impressions to examine themselves and vote very important. Okay. I'm gonna you know, I appreciate that. But I stay a little closer on topic Mitchell on the Mitch Albom show. Hi. Yeah. Just wanted to to say that. Breath Kavanagh's definitely innocent. I mean, a pillar of today's Justice and actually I mean throughout her entire country's history. Justice system is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, this is the situation that absolutely cannot be verified. It's all circumstantial, and I mean, any definitive evidence. And so all that it can't be definitive that has to be innocent. So he has to be. Well, you know, it's very interesting. You say that because earlier today I heard, and I did not know this in that state. There is no statue of limitations. So theoretically, he could be charged with the crime of sexual assault and be convicted you could go to go to jail before this in theory. But that would be a place where exactly the rule that you just said innocent until proven guilty would be in play. This is not that place. And here's where I think, you know, I get no matter what my personal takers. I don't know what my personal take is. I really am going left and right now, I'm moving around. But one thing I think needs to be said this is not about him going free or going to jail. This is not about her going free or going to jail. What this is alternately about is a job promotion, we need to say that this is about a job promotion what he is understandably upset about and feeling like is being taken from him. What is a job promotion. That's it. It's not an endemic. Right. It's not a human, right? He's not the only person who can do the job. There are other people who can do the job. This is a job promotion, and it does need to be looked at through that lens of okay? Yeah. He might be telling the truth, and she might be imagine. If this was for a job in your in your company where you work. This was for who was going to be the new CEO who going to be the new vice president of marketing, and you had this on this side. And this on this side, you might come to the conclusion say, you know, what he might very well be innocent. He might very well not done this. But at this point, we can't give this promotion to this guy. There's just too much baggage to it. It's not going to end his life. You're not you're not convicting him to hell, you're not sending him to jail, and that does need to be remembered in this process here because premium court is a very very important position. And there are more than one person who could do the job. I'm not saying what should happen. I'm just saying you have to kick in the conscious feels like trial. It's not a trial. Do you think? Clarence Thomas was tainted. I think for a while certainly he was I still think there are people who when they say his name, you know, say oh, yeah. He was I. Sherry similar Vicki matching Clarence Thomas today in the in the world within which we live in terms of Twitter and all the instant kind of come to judgment. I think it would have been very much like what we're seeing right now. Right. And that whole thing about, you know, the coke can and the pubic hair and all the rest of it would have been emojis about that. And all that here's a last look at the traffic.

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