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In the case often york newsradio ten eighty krld if you like to see some of these odd pictures you can see them on our website krld dot com a four year old texas boy in grave condition after accidentally shooting himself carol these kelly says more harris county sheriff's deputies said the little boy found a gun and shot himself at his home in hawksley deputies say the boy is the stepson of a sergeant with the department paramedics say the boy was alert and talking as he was taken to memorial hermann hospital by life flight kelly we newsradio ninety krld health official says the twelve boys and their soccer coach rescues from a cave in good condition and they are praising the way they looked after themselves officials say the boy show no signs of stress after that eighteen day ordeal cbs's anna werner is outside the hospital where the boys are being treated the first video of the rescue tie boys recovering in the hospital has been released the boys all wearing masks appear to be in good spirits several boys waved at the camera as relatives watched from outside a glass wall tiny seals also released video from the dramatic rescue issues divers carrying the boys on stretchers through the narrow flooded cave and eventually all the way out the last four boys and their twenty five year old coach were pulled advocate yesterday and if you think you're not claustrophobic need to wash some of the video that's been going around on social media of them going through that cave to get out it is amazing and irving police officer who had a close call on highway one fourteen has a warning for drivers officer sam hall says he had pulled over a vehicle for speeding and as he was making his way back to his medicine cycle a driver swerved into it hall says he was lucky to canal the way mercy personnel you require to you the vacate delaying slow down twenty miles below the posted speed limit your subject to to a fines or citations or if need be if they can go to jail for how says the driver was going too fast and slammed on the brakes and veer to the shoulder to avoid another driver the whole thing was caught on officer hall's body cam and you can see that video on our website krld dot com energy information administration says the us will pass saudi arabia and russia to become the world's top oil producer next year we'll have more on that story and traffic and weather.

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