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Kitchen appliance ever made. All your onions chopped to perfection without shedding a single tear. To the chapel Matic, then the Diallo Matic, which was the successor to the veg, a Matic slice of tomato so thin it only has one side and the wrong go pocket fisherman. The appeal is also well known for his housewares inventions like his giant dehydrator. I remember that one and the beef jerky machine, his electric pasta maker and his Showtime, rotisserie and BB and barbecue chicken. That was the one where everybody chanted. Just set it and forget it. His Showtime rotisserie and barbecue sold over eight million units in this country alone. Helping Ron Co's housewares sales exceeded $1 billion. After retiring Ron Popeil continued to invent products, including the five and one turkey fryer and food cooking system, which he has been developing for over 10 years. Wow. That takes me back. That takes me back. Welcome to the show. Steve is out. If you haven't been ableto tell by now, Stephen, I am Scott. You're stuck with me until new and I'll be with you on Monday morning as well. The rest of the team this year. Erik and Jordan producing the program, as always, Did you watch those infomercials? Kid? I was fucked in the ass cat. I wouldn't get suck in. I catch maybe 20 to 25 seconds don't have the patience nor the money at the time to buy that stuff. So It was just an entertainment quality to those things. But I'm kind of a sucker for that. I've I've never purchased anything in from an infomercial. But I will that I will watch. I will. I will watch and I don't know. It's just there's just something about it. Like I said it used to be the crowd. It would just be so entertained toe. Watch this over the top crowd reaction to whatever the heck the prod. Here's a Ginsu knife. And it's oh, the faces are just so amazed at what they're watching. You ready to get rocking? Yeah, let's get right. Okay. Where should we start? Well, it was a great night in American political history. Oh, yes. Town Hall debates one into a and B or used to be one A and one B. Whatever it was. There were two town halls last night. Now you may recall They were supposed to be a debate last night. They're number two where Moreau does. He was supposed to be a town hall events, but no because of President Trump's Cove ID diagnosis last week, the organizer said, and that we should make it virtual. The president said, No, you go on a new virtual so instead We saw two debates at the same time on two different networks doing debates if you will, 1200 Miles apart. Yes, 1200 Miles apart. And yes, they dueled. They talked over each other, even though they weren't even in the same place on the same network. Here's a little bit of a little taste of how it sounds.

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