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He hasn't allowed more than two runs in a start since june the twentieth so he's done a pretty good run pretty good five run start and the as a reportedly looking for a young centerfielder in a deal for sunny gray now we do have a young centerfielder in alex verduga so would it make sense for the dodgers to move alex verduga in a deal for site gray thing for dugo is i vertigo excuse me walker buehler is like the guy you won't like the is close to untouchables you can get yup i feel like verduga is right below in he's the position player that you would want to give up least now i'll tell you on last week's breaking blue podcast nicoletti was on and he seemed to indicate that there was that walker buehler untouchable but wiggle room on verdoux by was bad news bad about thirty has a four hundred onbase percentage hamas hiawassee ashes ole only three home runs which is interesting at oklahoma city so he's not a power nobody's got double is gone i think twenty or twenty one doubles me he's a drives the ball well right now some it he's in his plate well and not everybody in the lineup has hit twenty five thirty home runs and and they do believe as it gets a little older his power will sorta come around what i find is interesting is okay so i put this out as a poll probably on a 20 minutes ago so doesn't have a gigantic number of responses.

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