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Have. I am? That's 6 40. It is the dark secret place Brian. Since in here until 11 and all of this year, a camp fire monitoring and news alert. We just got in, and it's not funny. East Imperial Highway and Avalon Boulevard in South East L. A. It's actually sort of in at the two o'clock position. Of the where the 1 10 of the one of five cross So it's sort of north east of there on East Imperial Highway Anyway, this'll is from the police scanner Alert. Police have received an unconfirmed report that a group of six people are throwing battery acid that each other in front of motel. So, like I say team coverage is gonna be deployed. If if confirmed, that is s O going through the timeline of last year when I did a fictional look ahead of how California would deal with the covered outbreak. I made an assumption based on those early numbers that we had that Ella's significant huge homeless population just by virtue of the fact that the majority of them are drug addicts, and they're dis inherently sick and all things That they would bear the brunt of it. They would be the super spreader. And there was enough fear in L, a county public health about that, that they began dispersing the homeless out to your local Community Center. If you live the city of l A, but by a large, most of them didn't get on that bus. You know they couldn't be forced to. They stayed in downtown L. A It very well might be. That my assumption was 180 degrees off. That people who are active addicts, you know, fentanyl heroin? Whatever. They might be able to fight out something like this and I have a person on the inside, who says that there have been loads and loads of homeless who have been symptomatic but refused transport to the hospital. Or whatever, and they just grunted out. They stay in their tent and they grunted out as Rodney Peete said. Ah, year ago. And so that very well may be why we we don't have 90,000 homeless dead. In in Los Angeles back to the timeline, though, and things that are not on the timeline so mid December, probably early December. 2019 Wuhan hospitals are getting filled up. On. People are dying because they don't have the ventilators and people who should get a ventilator or dying. There are reports by the way, there's satellite systems that can detect what kind of gas is being emitted. From a fire or a dump or whatever, based on their infrared signature, and this was one. A lot of methane was coming out of Wuhan. On the There were some Chinese sources on the ground of Wuhan, who were saying that piles of corpses were being burned. That the dead had overwhelmed the Chinese system for dealing with the dead cattle like they're here in l a right now, and that Chinese authorities was simply burning the bodies, but that it's a year later that hasn't been confirmed. Um, so late December, doctors begin warning about the disease independently on social media. Um, this became famous in the form of Dr Lee when long. Who shared a lab report indicating that the pathogen was a like SARS into 2000 to 2003. Um, they rolled him up. Chinese authorities picked him up and we'll get to that. New Year's Eve December 31st 2019 Officials closed the the one on Wuhan Seafood Wholesale market, which was linked to dozens of the earliest cases. On by Dr Lee was punished by police. He was grabbed and told he is spreading rumors He was he was detained for spreading rumors. January 3rd 2020. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention obtains a full sequence of the virus but doesn't release it. China reports the outbreak to the World Health Organization, but Chinese authorities order labs and medical institutes to destroy patient samples and let me step off the timeline for a minute. Just remind you that the Chinese Communist Party doesn't operate in a rational, modern governmental way. I kind of like the old Soviet Union and kind of like most Communist Dictatorships around the world in world history or right now, tonight, their number one issue is damage control is image damage control. And so it was with the Communist officials who ran Wuhan on bond, Furthermore, ran WHO Bay Province in China that their number one goal was to minimize how serious this was punished Anyone With information getting out onto them. That was the pandemic to the Chinese communist to this day to this minute. Controlling the information and avoiding the conclusion that China could have done something to contain it a lot better. That is their number one goal, and it has been for the past year and clearly You can't operate with with two separate goals when you're dealing with a pandemic when Europe on the rest of Asia and North America is concerned with minimizing the deaths on minimizing the violence and the infections. They're only concern was that the world stop blaming China for the coronavirus for covert 19 on do they did that early on by shutting up? Hospital workers and Wuhan and again remind you Wuhan itself is a city of 11 Million. I mean, imagine all of L, A county and in one city, Andre, the outline Province who may province is nearly 4 400 million people. There's more people in that province in the entire United States. And so there were very dense living situations on did many cases they were three generations living in the same house is their apartments with with the old folks. Um, And this is not on their timeline on the CDC or World Health Organization timeline. But there is an interesting Ella angle to this and it was in December just like every December There's a spike in flu cases. There's a spike in hospitalizations on a spike in flu related deaths in L. A in Phoenix and San Francisco or in places where winner hits harder and earlier, there's when we get to the endorses, and there's every year there's a spike in flu cases. There was a very large spike. Influence cases in December of 2019 here in Los Angeles. Now keep in mind. The month of January is Chinese New Year, and it's the largest migration of human beings on the earth. The more Chinese air moving In by train and car and bus to see relatives during Chinese New Year. Then there are Americans. I mean nearly 350 million Chinese or Iran in train cars or whatever, at any point during Chinese Lunar New Year, which was January of last year. Well, that conflicted but, you know, keeping in mind, there's about 80,000 Chinese college students in Southern California. Well, they couldn't stay home for Lunar New Year and many of them didn't even fly home over winter break, even see their relatives, but.

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