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We've all found different ways to deal with this pandemic different ways to practice self care in these unprecedented times for some. It's been baking for others like me. It's been binging. Tv shows so many TV shows. I think I'm almost out of TV shows but for my guest today. It's been something else man sitting in itself for three hours this morning. Re hours take off that. I think that's in the back. I listened to album. Yeah my fingers are just now coming back from being Bailey. The most the thing about this like you candles and then there's a window but I like to keep it dark. You've been think like you can just I think really well with water and like no one else around so it helps me. Just light reset. Okay do you write jokes in the better? Oh I read your shot. Joe Is definitely shower. -Cause I'm like explain okay. So it's yeah vibe okay. Different Bob Sauer jokes are funny and then you can act out so like I'm in the where's the tell tug is like. I'm your God. I like you know what you're listening to been a minute from. Npr. I'm Sam Sanders and my guest. Today is actress. Comedian and lover of Bath Yvonne. Orgy you probably know evonne is molly. Bff TO ISA raise character on. Hbo Show Insecure. That show is in its fourth season and finds molly and Isa's friendship pushed to a breaking point later on. We'll talk about a fight. Those characters had on the show and lessons. That fight can teach us all about knowing how to maintain or win to in a relationship. Yvonne also has a new stand up special coming out in June. It's called Mama. I made it in this special. She talks about her strict family and Julian American bringing a whole bunch of other stuff. We'll get into all of that and more in this interview including what kind of stuff you hear from God in the top okay. Let's get into it. Get the water running. Light those candles fine those essential oils and enjoy chat with the hilarious bemoaned orgy watching you on insecure. The past few seasons I would bet a lot of folks given that role. Were not maybe right of the BAT. See you as a comic but you are well. The funny thing is I started. Think comedy so I was a comedian frozen actress and that's how east the person met me as a comedian yet and so. I think it's going to be funny to re introduce people to who I have always been now if I recall correctly from my reading up on you you. I did comedy as a talent during a patent. You're in that is correct. Miss Nigeria in America pageant. Oh my God I need you to tell the whole story. Play back weddings detail by detail. Because I'm just like this is goal. I mean I can't even imagine someone getting their comedy debut and a mysterious pageant. I love it already. Tell us the whole story well so I didn't clearly read the rules because I was in the middle of getting my masters and I was just busy tired and two weeks before they were like. Hey we after application. Were very excited. But you didn't list your talent and I was like because I ain't got one. What are we isn't the Badgen just like calm? Do A Walk Change outfits a couple of times and answer a question about how you would change the world given out like I got this come on give it s maiden suit in world peace. That's it. Yeah so she was like yeah. No you need a talent and out and that was so bad was like this is a pageant for Nigerians right. Because they know the only towns your tab are to like excel at school how we do that on stage like I will take the. I'll set on stayed. I was like you asked me any question. About cobain bonds. I got this like come on and so I was literally. I had nothing else to do. When I tell you. Sam I went to my room and prayed I was like God. I'm not about to look fool in front of all these people because Nigerians the toughest you I mean you know how I saw you know as a comedian you have different groups of friends that you can bring out to shows right you can have like. Your wife is super supportive no matter what it's like. Hey guys we're GONNA laugh. Clap we really just. Hey guys we're just here to support your black likes. She better be funny. Is this like out of the sheet. How funny you know and the Nigerians are like issues. Not Funny we go bit. Says it's like the Societa with this grant line just and so there's so much riding on this moment and if it doesn't work out is going to be a problem so I rehearsed my joke. Sound like I was like an actress like I did not leave any rule for laughter because I didn't know there would be so you know I my script answers like you. Just get through your copy. It was a model. I felt like it was a woman audition. Let me but Zuma's people were laughing and that was kind of mad. Because I was like messed me. He got the last was annoying to you. The last wild the did not know the INS and out of comedy. Tell me one of the jokes that you said. Oh my gosh. One of the joads joke about how African parents specialized in the two day. Delay backhand slap. And you gotTA UNDERSTAND. 'cause like they won't You'll do something and they won't immediately discipline you. They'll wait to you least expect it. They'll look at you in the light. Look you and then like where you're at the grocery store and they're like you have me degrees the grades it and then as you're reaching for the grades you gotTa Beckoned Slap. You like the head have asked you to do something like this. I found that my mother growing up she would love to save a spanking or whatever she would love to save it for public aid. She was like she was like wherever you show out. Dass around going show out and like I'll never forget. It was in sixth grade. Everyone in class had been cutting up so we all got pink slips and my mother was determined to give me my spanking in class in the non had to like. You can't do that Ma'am it's you have to go home my mom. I remember the most gangs. Their discipline was when she showed up in class and I was like talking to a boy by the lacquer and didn't realize he ended waiting in the car for like twenty minutes after working a full shift Bay Bay. She came in. Oh this is not going to end well for me. It's like hey you don't see me tomorrow Daddy I love it. I love it. It's also before we move onto other stuff. I totally forgot to ask you when one praise to God asking for a talent portion for Nigerian pageant when God says do comedy how does God say it? What were the words that were delivered to you from high the exact words? It wasn't even a full sentence. It was I always know when something's God versus me because it don't make sense like is when it's me I like yeah got all. The answer is probably slowdown when his got. I'm like so you're doing this on purpose. You're strategically not giving me all the answers. So I come back to you and I know you're always going to need me. You're always going to need me with this comedy thing because it wasn't your idea and I'm just like he's actually pretty smart getting on heaped pulling back time for a break coming up. We chat about insecure and the fight. You know what I'm talking about. This message comes from. Npr sponsor. Better help the online counselling service dedicated to connecting you with a licensed counselor to help you. Overcome whatever stands in the way of your happiness. Fill out a questionnaire and get matched with professional tailored to your needs. And if you aren't satisfied with your counselor you can request a new one at any time. Free OF CHARGE VISIT BETTER. Help DOT COM slash minute to get ten percent off your first month. Get the help you deserve with better help. Let's close our eyes. Take a deep breath. Let it out and listen to. Npr's all songs considered it's music podcast but it's also a good friend and guide to find joy in troubled times here. All songs considered with new episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Wherever you listen to podcasts. You know thinking more about your mother who just seems like I duNno I. I WanNa meet her. She seems delightful and how various she's kind of into the life. You've chosen in the career. You've chosen a bit more now than she was before you know there's the whole immigrant parent be a doctor lawyer but you say now she'll tell folks home box office you're on HBO. She's proud of that like has she accepted. Yvonne the comedian and the actress. She has in a way that what most immigrant parents like wants to do. They WANNA be able to know what their child does and be proud at like. Share it with the community right. It's like if your child is surging. This thing he just did surgery on at twins and they separated the hats. You knows like wow. That's important like heartbeats were separating. How do you do this day? It's a wake rest of Brag right But when I say Oman I tell jokes for a living like so. You're a clown you're just like. What does that mean like? I can't brag about this. I don't even know what to tell my friends. And I think now that like at the her friends or like we just saw Yvonne on X. Y. Z. It's just like Oh wait. Other people are seeing my daughter. Other people approve of this situation. Let me think deeper look at. This community has received it. I think they can now receive it as like. Oh Yeah we are proud. We were to about that. We are proud the community because it's all out in the open. Everyone's good everyone's happy. Yeah they want the bragging rights. That's really what parents want it really. Is it really really really is? Which is harder for you? Stand up comedy. You're acting stand up comedy. Why acting someone else's writing these lines you know. You've got a whole group of writers who are creating the character you have everything working for you got lighting. You got gaffer's you gotta see partner. You know all of these things that are working.

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