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Let me read this list detention zia who are now you know it now you can't i know it reduced show was the super bowl and that was the mvp we are looking into this every this everybody can have a wing recipe yeah i mean there's a lot of them but some of them to curry's point some of them like at so fancy they you know they try in like make them they there's too many ingredients in the sauce or they go there were like lavishly garnish and uh look i think he went to go basic you want that like fantastic lays on them that's like still dripping off you need a ton of napkins may be blew kisses optional but you want and it also has to have like enough heat that then you need to have a beer right alongside it so there you have it the national chicken council it's a it exerts comes me council ramseur chicken or chickens to you lim said what is national chicken council they are the people they provide you with the all important statistics lighthouse playing it's bright there for you because nothing else the us about the chickens ticket to run over you can watch the games we can i'm on my friends having a party and i'm bringing the chicken wings ring from samples um i think i'm i actually might just do momma fuko that wasn't level our stick within within a winner looking to bury it a drink that's a good question i'm not in charge of the beer i'm going to bring wine pursue its has a whole thing about to kill of this weekend who i know lots of good to keep anti tequila patrol the.

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