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Towns. And getting to our favorite rates from the past weekend speaking facetiously, of course, this was once again, the finest debut of American turf racing as we talked about with the sword dancer a couple of weeks ago American turf racing at its finest or clothes grizzled veteran. You know just an example. Eric and I were talking about this before that Europeans are going to have to come over to save us from having this in the Breeders Cup but no disrespect to the horses but this is just kind of been. Running the same in the same. Rut and these horses beating up on each other and no one really being able to be consistent. Arcola hadn't really had the best of luck. This year didn't really look like. He would get a win in a race of a caliber like this. You know the Louisville at Churchill downs was definitely something and I was really discouraged by if he couldn't beat a field like that. Then you know at that point, I didn't think he would win a stakes race remainder of the year. Obviously things are changed but does Zulu Alpha who you know there were some high hopes for him coming into this year and even into this race, you know he did get beat. In the stake at a Gulfstream, the Panamerican but came back ran a good race and the elk but got beat on the spot here at Kentucky downs and you know this is just been the story of American turf racing the entire year. No one has been able to be consistent. I'm not confident in any horse. Turfs or excuse me going distance on the turf distance of a mile and a half. So Europeans are probably any Europeans who are GONNA come over a probably really happy to see the inconsistency of this because they're going to be a really I don't WanNa say tough to beat. But for lack of a better term, really tough to beat on Breeders Cup weekend. Certainly.

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