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Talk twelve ninety over ninety years yeah joining us now seventy eight percent of people not too much month live at the end of the money seventy eight percent of living paycheck paycheck on your streak that site outcome houses on your street living paycheck to paycheck let's not okay people in your community or more stressed out then they should be there more broken they should be there's no excuse for that and the richest country the world has ever known but we spend all well spend like we're in congress it's out of control that is one of the things that started me thinking all these years ago i rather statistics similar to that an older stat back in the day seventy percent not seventy eight percent was in the wall street journal when i first started twenty five thirty years ago and i start thinking this is just not okay and i know how to help them i know how to get them out of debt and get them where they can breathe again and we ended up putting it into a class called financial peace university meet once a week for nine weeks five million people now been through this clash and you know people like you holding the clashes a coordinator that's what's caused it to happen view cause people to change their lives people like you that our volunteers that our financial peace university coordinators and we don't really expect our coordinators to be like have an mba and finance financial financial experts in fact forty percent of our coordinators are going through the class for the first time while they lead the clash you don't even have to have been through it to lead it we're just looking for folks that care about people and i wanna do.

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