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Out by Anisimov passes over the center, ice circle. Komo deflects. The puck off the glass behind the hawk net worn out the it to the near corner to Seabrook you'll bat it in behind into the far corner to Slater Kuku was tied up there by Jahn. Mark lost the puck, homo pokes it along the end boards behind the hawk net. Seabrook takes works at around to the near side. Komo's got it. Enters the left circle fires blocked by Slater. Kuku a follow up shot by John Mark from the bottom of the left circle hits the back of the hawk net who's puck around to the far boards and Saad will chip it off the boards down into the Dallas own Lindell's. Got it. Back ahead for Colorado. Hawk zone. He coughed it up. The Seabrook between the circles waves it over to Slater Kuku he'll pass up the right wing at center ice picked off by the stars in given back. Anisimov the other way crossing the Dallas line on the right wing. You whip it down the boards behind the net. Khudobin plays it up the nearside past John Mark to center ice, Eric ESTES and back to get it. Hot glue Duncan Keith rink wide pass. Now for Kane. Mrs stars get the puck back when Wendell passing ahead into the hawk zone. This John Mark stick and tumbles away. Jill at center ice on the left wing Senate across on the right wing detainees in he enters the stars zone. But the play is ruled offsides. So one fifty one now left in the second period. Hawks trailing stars three two two and a close. Call hawks into the ice Cam ward. Comes up with a big save rate down along the crease area kicks the Pat up there that he thinks it's in his pads, and he's just knock slightly stay there. The puck came out on the other side. He didn't see it. He was lucky that Dallas Stars player who picked up the puck. There wasn't able to find any kind of an angle to shoot the puck towards Cam work because he had no idea that he didn't have an under his equipment. Here's andrew. Doc Leon over the hawk zone, right wing side. Dropped it at the right point drive-by. Lump Lovejoy gets FOX in the glove game while back up ice teams at center ice gave it a July stars line left wing. He'll poke it down behind the net. Lovejoy battling with caves came came along skewered at free to the corner. Putt rolls up the far side Dickinson and Keith battle and Dickinson chips it over the line to center ice, Patrick Kane back you get the pocket. The hotline. He'll pass up near boards.

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