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Can use that as a growth engine for your product success. All right, so as we know automation is one of those things that when it's done well, people don't notice it. So how would you guys describe automation and its value to someone who maybe isn't an expert in the area? I can raise my hand. Go ahead, Jared. If that's how we do this. Well, in my opinion, within automation, I look at it as like a way to kind of provide the ability to repeat a task or a process with very little oversight. I think the important thing is you want to check on it every once in a while just to make sure it's still doing what you expect it to do, but for the most part, you don't have to think about it. Yeah. I concur with that. The one thing that what we look at without automation in our use cases where we help our customers is that certain things can be automated just like what they've been doing, whatever the task is happening. But many of those tasks may need to be personalized. They need to be fine tuned for specific user group of users in order to really help with that growth chair. So you can just think about repetition, but you have to kind of use data to figure out how to make that adjustment for the right users. So I think this is where automation really is going to be more interesting in the future is how do you do this in a way of scale and automate a process that is actually a little bit fine genome for that specific end user in the end. Yeah, and vasili I'm so happy you said data because I think that's such an important part of how automation is growing. The systems that need to be connected or the data that might be critical to how an automation starts..

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