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Iran local governments that many of the services that people rely upon Are provided, and I'm very, very concerned that our that our social services are human services across the state will be diminished significantly if there's no funding, provided Pritzker says Illinois is watching closely for what happens in Washington with respect to another Koven 19 stimulus bill, the Senate announcing today they will take up that bill on Thursday. WG and sports Here's Kevin Powell. Thank you came. The White Sox have won four straight and 16 of their last 20 that leaves them in a tie with the Indians. Her first in the American League Central. Tonight. It's the first two games against the last place Pirates in Pittsburgh. Dylan see signed about Joe Must grow goes for the Pirates pre game in a little less than an hour with Mark Szymanowski first pitch at 605, with Andy and D. J and earlier, the White Sox reinstating veteran lefty pitcher Geo Gonzalez from the injured list, right. Exact birdie sent To the Schomburg training facility. Just 18 games remaining on the Cubs a regular season schedule. They sit all alone in first place in the NL Central, the host the Reds Tonight, Alec Mills gets thes starting the Cubs, adding outfielder Billy Hamilton to the 28 Man active rocks a roster while optioning Utility man Jose Martinez to the club South Bend alternate site. Hamilton, a career to 41 hitter Buddy he's known for his speed 302 stolen bases in his career bear season begins in just five days. It'll be Mitch Strabinsky under center in week one against the Lions. Here's receiver Alan Robinson on Travis Key winning the quarterback competition. I was out there, you know all those days wouldn't where he was putting in the work, you know? Constantly, You know, even if it wasn't you know, some days where I may just be a couple of us out there, you know? So I mean, Teo to see him start. You know, it's not surprising that you know you put in the work. You get the results, you know, And I saw a lot of the work that he put in, you know, from from February March, and even probably some before that man roster moves for the Bears today, placing kicker Eddie Pinero on I R with a groin injury. That means Cairo..

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