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WWJ traffic checking the Tripoli Jan cams in the huddle down motor group twenty four hour traffic center I'm Jeff de Frank W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty now the accu weather forecaster Lee this morning mostly cloudy with rain shower or two local thirty six for the day a bit of rain to start off with otherwise it's mostly cloudy and mild we'll see highs around fifty mostly cloudy brisk and colder tonight low near thirty then tomorrow Wednesday mix of clouds and sun Tuesday sought to forty eight Wednesdays five to forty four currently it's cloudy forty six out of metro airport mostly cloudy forty two for Detroit crime stoppers need your help this is dandy bar do you know of crime stoppers of Michigan inviting you to join us as we continue our efforts in crime prevention and assisting crime victims their families and over two hundred law enforcement agencies please visit our website one eight hundred speak UP dot org and join our new five dollars a month speak up club for a small amount each month we can continue to make southeast Michigan a safe and healthy region from all all of those who seek our help thank you for your support I for ex number one station news radio nine fifty WGN corona virus claiming a second American life in like the first death this was a man in Washington state CBS news report is on the way next also pope Francis putting Detroit on the world map by designate a local church with the title of basilica more than seven thousand tropical butterflies now coming to west Michigan will explain coming up good morning I'm Jim Matthews for W. W. it is radio nine fifty sports all the way three forty five Michigan basketball with the loss also the pistons lose the king's Sacramento now CBS CBS news operator second American has died of the corona virus a man in his seventies he had been treated at the same Washington state hospital as the first victim worldwide epidemic has now taken about three thousand lines most of them in China we start with correspondent Jonathan vaguely RD near Seattle in Kirkland Washington alarm here has spread one fire station a shuttered and seven firefighters have been quarantined after several of them responded to life care center without protective gear and there are new infection cases on the other side of the country to at least one in New York two in Florida I'm Peter king in Orlando one patient is reportedly being treated in Sarasota the other in Hillsborough County which includes the city of Tampa Florida governor Ron DeSantis is declared a health emergency for the state that includes monitoring and isolating anybody suspected of having the virus for at least two weeks federal officials urge calm but do not expect a vaccine against the corona virus during the current outbreak CBS news update on Tom Foley this is news radio nine fifty dubbed up Jamie's time three thirty two following up from CBS on Sunday Australia announced its first coronavirus fidelity the patient seventy a seventy eight year old man from Perth he contracted the virus on the diamond princess cruise ship in Japan he was taken to Perth and treated at a local hospital where he died early on Sunday Andrew Robertson is the Western Australia.

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