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I've seen some people question whether serb carter is the name so that so his actual full name would be syrup carter carter i love the idea that it would be like sir carter and ruined alls but i think going along with white jordan our producer said it's it must be that sir is on our left and she wanted to like caption that birth to right and i think like they named him sir my theory again just gas saying i wish i had her on speed dial was that they meant sir said that like it ties with the last name so these sir carter like sir loses its impact without the carter right there right what do you think role young i would find it highly bazaar if the full name of this plan is sir carter carter but done it is strange though and then we're going to get really deep here than in turin talk beteen of post later in more detail about in tina's comment she says sir carter and rooming carter so she puts the carter in a gun for roomy because other people have hypothesize that room is meant to be understood in the vein of ah beyond say or riano or madonna words just one word blake her name her name is roomy and there was no last name so it's sir so so it could be that is just cirque harder and roomy and just roomy or could be sir carter carter and rooming carter or it could be anyways know eutherian going with us see we really need some more so more and tell the how're are you feeling how are you just feeling generally now that we officially know these are the names of the grown on you are you feeling more at peace with them and failing war at peace if i think just because i i will use to them a little bit more to meet him but i i really need some sort of additional readings terriorial on on my gosh mike catt vents arafat sorry.

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