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I'm saying you know what I think I'm figuring this out the bread crumbs to the answers this cap. All the sound that you played leading into the Falcons game. The sound of a What do you think of the offense against the Giants were okay. I guess we're OK. We just got a lot of you got a long way to go. You'd never heard Maggie speaking those terms. Usually it's really flowery and positive. We believe in Mitch, Blow a block. It was okay. You could just tell from those press conference clips that we play leading into the Falcon. Siri's that the leash was going to be short because he was not enamored the first couple of games of the offense and and he shouldn't be quite frankly. He shouldn't be and again, we're not there as he breaks down the tape with Bill Laser and John de Filipo and Juan Castillo like That's there. 24 7. This is his life and he looks at it. And at some point being a former quarterback, Matt is he looked at it went Okay. We only get 16 of these exams. And this is one that we should pass and we're going to lose to the Falcons. I'm just not feeling it with Mitch. I got to make this change. And God bless him. He did so for people that thought Ryan makes the decision on who plays I'm telling you, that's not true. Matt has full authority to do what he wants to do with that football team. Ryan is involved in the roster construction. But after that point That is Matt's call. And if Matt believes, you know what I can run my full playbook like Waddle said yesterday on the show. Hey, Look, Matt and will now run a different kind of offense because he feels like I got a guy who I can run the full complement with How is that going to mean more in the shotgun that we saw under Mitchell Travis Key? Maybe. Maybe not. I hope they still stay wedded to running the ball and then use him. Augment that we'll find out. But look, Mitch had every opportunity. He's a great great kid. People that were idiots on social media, burning his jersey Those air just losers. This kid is a Workaholic. He's the first guy in the building the last guy to leave. He's an awesome teammate. He didn't earn the right to stay there in mats, mind and that's it. We get behind Nick falls in the end. All I care about all you care about all bears fans care about is did we win? Or did we lose because we've had some bad seasons? And if he feels Nick Falls is the answer. God bless him. Just go win football games. Ultimately, that's what it is. It's not the Chicago Mr Biscuit is just the Chicago Bears correct, and we had some calls yesterday with Hanley and I, and there's the people that I have back Mitch and they were saying, Hey, I know I'm a big Mitch fan. I believe in his ability. But I can understand at that time. Why mad Maggie would change and go with Nick Foles, and I completely understand it, too, because see when falls comes in as the ultimate relief pitcher. Probably the best in the game. Quite frankly, when it comes to backup quarterbacks cap, you know, he was unflappable under pressure. You know, he's been there before. He's a Super Bowl champion, and he did not seem rattled at all. He comes in there we have seen by the way over the years. Ah, backup comes in Cold has no expectations again. The game and all of a sudden it takes awhile, Falls was able to just go through his progressions. Knew what he was doing the utilizing the run and also using the deep ball, and it worked out perfectly only because polls has been in this position before, but I'm watching Mitch in the sideline, and I think was a shock to him because he had his head. He still had his helmet on. He thought maybe he thought he was going back in the game or whatever, but it was. It was something it was. Quite the spectacle because again as absent in the hood cave, just slouched in my in my couch like, Oh, my God, we're going to lose to this team, and all of sudden polls comes in. I set up a little straighter like a look. What's happened here now? What's gonna happen? And so just as we suspected you don't quit against the Falcons. The Bears did not quit and they win the ball Game three. And oh, pretty strong. There's there's what 67 teams left in the NFL undefeated. Bears are one of them. So here's the question, honey, and I want to know the bears or three, and so are they. The worst three and no team even with Nick Foles under center 312332. 3776 Albert Breer Talks. Football ate Anthony result at 8 35 and 9 35 Todd Hollandsworth broadcast for the Marlins. 3123323776 your calls. Next is Chicago's home for Sports thesis Cap and Ji Hood on ESPN 1000. Hey, this is David Kaplan from the Captain J. Good morning Show on ESPN. 1000 Have you heard? That's right. Tuesday. September 29th I am walking home from work 29 Miles. Why? Well, now, more than ever, we all need to unite..

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