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And then you go to some of his go to the guys that are in the backfield with Haskins and you start with Mike Weber the running back from Ohio State. Tony said in the same report that Weber would declare he later did declare this tweak. He made that officials. And then you look at some of these other guys running back -sition, Devon single Terry's. A guy that a lot of people are really excited about a guy who can break a lot of tackles. He's got some juice. I'm excited to study single Terry. Daryl Henderson from Memphis as well. Another guy who's got some long speedy. Average like nine yards a carry of two hundred touches this past year. So a guy that can make some place in the open field karat white junior. I should mention along with single Terry. Both those guys from FAU and white what was the backup to single Terry. But still was able to be a big play guy was very involved in that offense. He decided to enter the draft. And then two other guys. Benny Snell from Kentucky and other Kentucky guy a very physical runner competitive runner. We'll see what his athletic upside is testing will go a long way for Benny smell. And then lastly, Alex Barnes who was productive this year for Kansas state. He announced he would enter the draft as well have owed some guys on the defensive side of the ball. Yes. Three names in the past week with Draymond Jones. The big one with first Jones from Ohio State, very athletic interior player. I've compared him in the past Sheldon Richardson. I'm a big fan of the way that Jones can get after the quarterback. He's can be a little bit stronger inside that hold up against double teams. But still an active player against the runs. I really liked dream on Johns. I think he's got. He's got a first round pick type of potential, and then you look at Justin lane the corner from Michigan state big long kid can run a former wide receiver. I've heard a lot of good things about Justin lane and then over the weekend. Tennessee linebacker Korte sap was a part time player for them. I think he had some issues with the coaching staff. So he decided he was gonna leave campus early. He's going to go into the draft. Before we get to the head to head bowl games frame. We always like to make sure people know where they can place a wager on these bowl games, if they're so interested, I'm already beyond bummed out that there's no more Thursday night football in the NFL, hopefully, the next couple of weeks these bowl games can hold me over and can bet online dot AG. When you use the promo code podcast one..

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