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Died Aretha one eighteen Grammy awards five recordings in the Grammy hall of. Fame and we're very sad at her passing I had. The opportunity to meet her some years ago I serve on the board of the wolf trap foundation for the performing arts and had the opportunity some years ago to to meet her and learned of an anecdote about Aretha she was very famous for. Always bringing her purse on. Stage with her, everyone has always seen, this it was a it was a thing but what a lot of folks, don't know is what was? In the purse what was in the purse was the money owed her, for doing the gig in cash Years ago when she was a young performer I think it's still as a teenager perhaps or early twenties Retha was ripped off by our manager who she would go. On stage and perform and. The manager didn't, pay her for the, gig and ever since then she said if you want me to perform you. Will pay me in cash? In advance and she takes the cash with her on stage There, were reports that. Occasionally she would place the cash down her blouse I didn't personally, see that but several folks in the arts industry swear that she sometimes did that but Aretha was focused on her financial security as much as she was focused on pleasing the crowd and it just demonstrates the. Importance of making, sure that as you engage in, your passions you are equally focused on your, personal finances Aretha Franklin Seventy-six but.

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