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Winds and i can't watch the simpsons haluwete episodes because they are too scary for me like i'm not even kidding i've never seen the simpsons real no the hit squads israeli god do you know like tortured i am still by the wind halloween episode where they went into the cafeteria and they are being like fed their job schoolmates i still think about that the army three fair that that's that's a that's a very scary one to be fair like the idea is very scary on helped by the fact that at the end of that segment they all get turned inside out by an error and the the they're s these are dancing skinless to a chorus line but sorta come at me and say old female eu framed in the simpson yeah buckingham i'm afraid of everything okay i am afraid of everything i only watch comany's and i watch dramas i don't want horror the twins in a shining still haunt me to this day and i haven't seen that movie since the original time i thought i don't do i don't do horror and this challenge gross me out so you'll sacremental first of all say have you watched any movies with twins and things that the shining is still haunting you know how dare you let's let's talk about this challenge of it's the ads the challenge is to create a desert that visualizes your worst nightmare now there's some weirdness around this challenge and it's not just dealing with the spirits at pama believes in that exist in these stanley hotel that we are going to not fuck hear it so you bring to hunt at place i'm out as an as they do you wait haley do you believe in ghosts i i don't not believe in them i don't why ghosts to get mad at me verde hat again with how he'll it sounds like there's one behind you.

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