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It's understood Mr. Wolfman later apologized and was, told he would not, face further action the labor MP Luciana Berger has called for. Him to, be suspended and Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson tweeted last night that Peter Wildman was allowed mouth bully adding he disgusts me a. Labor spokesperson said the party didn't. Comment on individual cases the opposing signs in Zimbabwe's elections on both. Claiming to have done well but no official results have yet been released the opposition leader Nelson. Chamisa said his claim, was based, on results from the majority of more than ten thousand polling stations Andrew. Harding reports from Harare election officials have only confirmed a. High turnout here in Zimbabwe. But, on social media the opposition leader Nelson, Chamisa and his supporters already declaring victory in contrast Zanu PF officials are insisting that early indications. From polling stations around, the country showed. Their party is on track to retain power foreign observers said the voting process Was peaceful and by and large orderly but after years of rigged and disputed. Elections there is. Now an anxious wait and a close focus on the counting process. To ensure these results will be accepted by all sides the owner of British Gas Centrica, says it's prophets for the first half of the year were affected. By. The price cap on prepayment Mueller's introduced last year and the continuing loss of. Customers the firm has reported pre-tax profits of six hundred twenty six million, pounds for the six months to June the. Fall of less than half of, one percent but announced a twenty percent drop in underlying operating prophets for its consumer Centric. Is, chief executive in told us the firm was ready for any new price caps we, have to keep a, very close eye on wholesale costs on all the other input. Costs including, smart metering costs and other things in advance of potential price cap what we are doing is encouraging our customers off the standard. Variable Taryn and we are develop Ping and have, developed a large number of, other propositions for customers that they seem to really want councils in England say the issue of how to..

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