B. Y. O. B., U. S. Forest Service, President Trump discussed on Face the Nation


For seventy five years you might be Smokey bear only you can prevent wildfires that's why I'm filling in for Smokey to switch things up because there's a lot more to say and I should know because my grandfather was a firefighter and one of the things he taught me is that the people that love the outdoors the most are often the ones accidentally starting wildfires which means always B. Y. O. B. no bring your own bucket to the campfire and be extra careful with things like burning yard trimmings don't just walk away our chances are you might be starting a wildfire so for the love of the outdoors go to Smokey bear dot com to learn more about wildfire prevention brought to you by the U. S. Forest Service your state forester and the ad council this is a Bloomberg money minute in another year at the corona virus lockdown might have been a boon for cable TV networks but Nielsen ratings show traditional TV watching is not increasing so what people are doing is watching and hours and hours of programming John president of the online video consulting firm ger schon media networks is a winner I would say roku is a winner he's a plus grew to fifty million subs after only launching last year Disney packing mountains of content into its streaming service old shows as well as new when it comes to kids if there is a older program like Hannah Montana it's new to them but Disney.

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