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The acquisition wealth the company's expansion on the oil sector in quarrel pool announcing plans for a fifty five billion dollar distribution center. Intel CEO, the company says we're bringing about one hundred fifty jobs center will be next to an existing manufacturing. Plant construction scheduled to start in November. Legal action involving a drug rehab center lake eufaula. Here's Jacqueline Scott in Oklahoma woman has filed a lawsuit alleging a drug rehab center linked to the church of Scientology breached its contract in her lawsuits. The fica Taylor claims Narconon Arrowhead near Canadian did not have certified medical personnel. Narconon is a two hundred bed facility that promotes substance abuse treatment theories by church of Scientology, founder L Ron Hubbard US secretary Sonny Perdue scheduled to visit Oklahoma City today, he said to visit the Oklahoma national stockyards this afternoon address, Oklahoma, FFA and four H members. Well, long lost sisters have reunited after they were a part for ninety years. Neck, Dillard has details from Kansas City. Mary's mother gave her up for adoption when she was born in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight that's all she knew of her biological family until she got on ancestry dot com this past June. It eventually led her to her. Her baby sister, Eighty-five-year-old Joyce. It's a meeting shared not just by these two but one that connects to long lost families a circle of cousins mothers daughters. Linda. Kisses and hugs,.

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