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Ask them you know. Hey My off-base on anything anything from you know my premise. As far as the use of the murder self defense. That is illogical or just doesn't hold up scientific with you're if you're you're definitely on track it was interesting to work with. A guy who was enrolled was also class three firearms newer interesting combination but when I was was teaching. NBC for him He stopped me along way. And he's like you know you're talking about the muscles and tendons and he says you're perfectly accurate as far as echoes knowledge monogamy. You sound but do you realize what you're doing you're logically bell. Please tell me and he said well. What you're doing her logically is nerves basically do two things one one is you have sensory? Perception goes back the brain so he touched up the feels his hot cold rough smooth whatever it is that sensory perception of course the other side side is the brain telling the body were to do is specifically telling body parts the essentially the brain sends out its electrical impulses. When you WANNA move your arm your brain tells the muscles hey contract the movie are well when you cut the mirrors again? What you have is an instantaneous result in higher you go on the arm the higher you go on the limb the closer you get to the root of that mirror the more profound the effect so what we have in NBC or three layers of stopping power through levels of stopping the first is mechanical level which is essentially the muscles and tendons? The second one is in her logical level which is basically cutting the nerves that now allow the brain control the muscles then the third level is essentially cutting the arteries so we know that all of those things are co located so if you were to cut the Bison for example she got the BICEP and cut your. They're cutting inside of the arm. You would also cut. Essentially the median nerve lawler nerve the nerve cluster. That runs out arm. The innovates all the muscles they armed tells it what to do. You'd also take the break you larder. So one cut would literally you all through levels or stopping but the misconception conception that people have is the bleed outright so what people believe is an again a lot of this goes back fairburn. Fairburn was wildly. League's agitating the how short how short a time period is from the time artery sovereign until some. Somebody believes out again. All of his stuff was not scientifically typically sound in its wildly inaccurate. So what we ended up doing stopping policy instantaneous stopping power the even NBC's based on cutting Muscles Russel's independence and the nerves. And then you get time delayed stopping true at Sanguine essentially bleed somebody out so we realize we accept the fact act you know. All three targets are co located but again we're focusing on specific targets for specific reasons the the arteries of basically antler slur is just a byproduct of the rest. Okay so that's not necessarily the the goal at all it. Depending on what level you're going for in in terms of stopping power we acknowledge but we don't count on catch you so again. What's interesting when you look at favors stuff? So for example he will talk about the karate artery and this is again where you have huge misconceptions in the martial arts knife. 'cause you'll hear cliches like going for the Jugular Han. Okay will the jugular vein. So he goes back to eighth grade. Virology Circle Veins Take de oxygenated blood. Low blood pressure back to the heart. Things actually have check valves to help the blood get back to the heart. Then it's run through the heart run to the lungs it's oxygenated and then it's pumped back. Thousands of the body under high blood pressure arteries so arteries are what you weren't cut if you beat someone so the idea of even saying going for the jugular means that really. Don't know what you're going You're you're kind of misguided to begin with because what you would really target if you're cutting neck is a carotid artery which is close by but not the same thing right or according to Fairburn. If you cut the crowder artery. He said that basically five seconds later you'd be unconscious in fourteen seconds later you'd be debt that's bullshit so what it comes down to. Is You have to look hat. First of all the one side of the crowder artery crowder our bilateral she at one any side of the neck or inside is basically Seven and a half percent of your blood flow. So would anyone point seven and a half percent of your total blood volume the slowing through that. What you have to look at is when you lose twenty percent of your blood vong you essentially going to shop at thirty percent udorn conscious because not enough oxygen going to your brain to keep your conscious and at forty percent blood loss at that point? You basically don't have enough oxygen going your brain to keep it alive at that point you start the dot so what you have to think about is what is your heart rate. How much Blood is being pumped out by your heart with each stroke was called stroke lung and then based on the amount of blood is being lost this case. Seven and a half percent with Artery sorry how long does it take you to bleed to thirty percent. Which is where you go unconscious and essential be functionally stopped at two hundred twenty beats per minute? The average person's GonNa take them about sixty eight seconds to bleed drug conscious several her. So you got over a minute that somebody is at at arm's length armed with lethal weapons trying to kill you. You think you're done. Yeah with Adrenalin it. And you're thinking it's fourteen seconds. They got another sixty eh of another fifty five seconds in there that the fourteen seconds according to Fairburn was death so in the age of the gun this is. This is a big thing I hear about because I I I love the Filipino. Martial arts and I love the the aesthetics of knife martial arts I love the concepts what's behind it. I love the movement. I love training it and I hear a lot. Well I would just pull out my gun and shoot you and I say well I've got a gun to. That's not the point but would you you say to people when they questioned the validity of Marshall Knife training in the age of the gun. You hear that a lot. You know the first thing that I say okay. Do you actually have a concealed carry. Well you know I've been meaning to get one. I was going to take a class. It's like okay great so basically the only thing you're shooting off your mouth moment disqualified with If they have a concealed carry permit Are you carrying you carry consistent. Well you know it's kind of uncomfortable looking for the right holster and you get this litany of excuses where it's like okay again back to the logic of defending yourself with any kind of weapon. Whatever you carry on a daily basis is what you're gonNA action us if you're so if you don't have a gun I would shoot him okay? Great with what with the gun. That's backing your gun safe. The guy's going to hang out with free to drive home. Come back shoot him. It doesn't work out so with a nice part of the reason that I became so So passionate about knives also is that I lived overseas for five. Years is a lived in Hong Kong and Bangkok was traveling all over Asia. And and even though I was assigned to embassies consulates over there I couldn't legally own afar because I was a foreign national. I certainly couldn't carry them and Dan. I was working basically in Vietnamese refugee camps and other places around Southeast Asia many of which were a lot of their population was actually actually north Vietnamese gangs so there were just like you know prisons here. You had a lot of improvised edge. Weapons a lot of violence go on those camps and I was also travelling alone Travel from Hong Kong to the Philippines. Spend lots of time. The Philippines on my own Philippines at that time was very active with the national the People's Army the NPA and they were actively carving Americans. So I looked at it and say okay I would love to be able to carry a gun. I love to be able to defend myself with a gun but it's simply not allow. It's not something that I can do. But the Nice I had a diplomatic passport number. Check my bags. I could carry whatever knife wanted to in Thailand. I had to get out of jail. Free hard was. It was great as far as nice gear but the gun simply wasn't an option and we'll look at a lot of people these days even if they do carry on a regular basis basis. If you travel sooner or later your GonNa go to someplace where it's an aunt permissive environment. You don't have reciprocity or if you have to travel overseas again you're you're back to square one. Yeah yeah I I think Obviously gun is a great weapon and if you have it on you more power to Ya. Obviously but I mean I have have a I have a Carry permit and I never carry a gun. It's just too much and it's not Not Quite sure I'm willing to take that on Whereas I hi carry multiple knives on me all the time and maybe because I have the training with that I don't really have tactical gun training? I remember a a seminar with grew Danino. South of he's talking about this was right after nine eleven. He was talking about how he had to change up his airplane carry and how he would eat. Carry a drafting kit with him A Nice metal ruler and some mechanical metal mechanical pencils and he busted them out and started doing sin Awali with them or whatever and showing how. Oh you know these are these are improvised in these are not ideal but if they're all you're allowed to have they will have to do and and if your mindset is strictly projectile if your mindset is strictly I will defend myself with a gun because that's the most powerful inefficient weapon out there and why why bother with anything else you might get caught flat-footed and also what it comes down to if you even if you carry permit if you are a good shooter from marksmanship ship standpoint do you actually have gun fighting skill. Which means if you had her at this point everyone wants to chime in with while the tool to drill twenty one foot rule all stuff again? You have to look at the history. So they're this huge misconceptions about what the one foot rule is in simple terms. All it was was an exercise in relative distance incoming so then is to her when he was teaching his recruits Salt Lake City. PD basically they said. Hey sorry how far away do we have to be. If summer comes running on us with a knife we want to be able to draw and shoot. Before they reaches their qualification courses. Already seven yards so just so happened that it took the average person person about a second half to two seconds from a standing start to run seven yards disproved that distance that also took about a second half to two seconds for them to draw from their holster western. Get around center mass. So they looked at was. Hey it's about seven yards to have a mutual slain. You know at that point. Essentially he's reaching you at the same meantime you're shooting him and it's a wash. That doesn't mean we win. It doesn't mean that your shots are going to stop him before he gets to you and really what Dennis Taylor was starting to teach was. You need to have other options. You'll be able to to move and shoots in great distance. You can move off line you can use different tactics ext to be able to ensure your safety but what ended up happening was when that was coined as a twenty one foot rule when Masa Hubert that up for Swat magazine he called it the twenty one foot rule as soon as coined as a rule that is like oh well. Somebody's got a knife and they're within twenty one feet. You shoot nor yet. And then with all all these misconceptions the bottom line is if you look at Youtube look at videos of people actually attacking people with knives and other contact since weapons what they do using move up real close it get to the point where they can a lunch one or two steps in half. That's the reality of the pack. So even if you have a gun going to your gun initially for this your initial response is GonNa get you kill which you have to have then are emptying skills that allow you to stay alive long enough to earn your draw and then use the gun. And most shooters don't have that. They do ludicrous stuff like speed rocks and all the crap and what it really comes down to again. You're back to that. Mutual slain thing is a lot worse than than just being able to shoot from a march so describe What Marshall Blade concepts is and also d you integrate guns into that training? I do So Marshall by concepts would it really is again. It was kind of what I hoped for four years ago when I got into this stuff when a really wanted to learn how to use a knife as a practical self defense weapon because they didn't have access anything else so it really is a it's a Practical Self.

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