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Five five percent like chocolate del if he fights if he if you ever fights again he's obviously he's already bigger star than ninety five percent of the ufc. Just how it is. Like i remember. I was talking with someone this past week. That worked that covers a lot of bela tor and worship has like behind the scenes about your stuff and you saying that the kimbro. I can't remember it. Was oh data or akimbo shamrock think it was shamrock to this day is the highest ratings bella ever done by like astronomical same nothing same liftoff like it is in another ham is like they can't even count that because excuse the numbers too much or like that's how big of a deal came still is and he's passed away. They do memorial service for him every single year on his anniversary. Remembrance of kimba slice ballot. Or does it like fighters talk about still deal. I was at every single canvas fai except for his tough fights which was on that but he was very very last night he was a very nice man. I interviewed him once and he was very nice. I went i went to i went to a A prefight house party had before his unfortunate lost a forum for that petty. I went to his home and his family on the stuff that was. That was the first time that mask from government. That's awesome conquest. Lord nickname fails cozy. Bill cosby sweater. Can't wait for that. I can't wait for it to get cooler outside bus. That bad larry out totally unrelated to anything current. What is up with some of these lane nicknames. Blonde fighter the leech take magnet for example no nickname for years and now starts calling himself the haitian sensation what the heck is that. We have to do better kneel you five at colorado. The same places. Nate the great marker how. 'bout you stick with the theme and call yourself the magnificent neil magny i love that leisurely on. You have too much swag. That car is stuff. That literally sucks the lee uncle l. Jillian what's uncle l. Made in his walkouts occupy. All i get it because i l j. That is amazing. Oh my god and his walkouts on l. l. jingling baby which would be the same lie l. the future of the funk the juliane baby go ahead go ahead babies man this guy nalen it. Do you feel me. What's the fire nickname and watch the fire fair nickname in your opinion and watch which are the best sweater sweater out. Well done john. This is a fantastic. We've had this question. We had a similar question about nicknames. Before when we had andre fabre on this show obviously andre feely and the california kid. Rock favor mike too. I think we all agree. The magnificent neil magny kind of snuck up on us and that is a ten out of ten nickname. I will no longer start calling leisurely on the league is literally uncle for the rest of time you know. I was down at the leech till he made. His argument is really just good name. I think you're right. Here's what here's what social media should be. Is you you present an idea. You don't attack anybody you present idea and you back it up. With fact based science that you can't refute science egg take. My bill is science. Maybe so anyway mike foale question because we can already grew everything else. He presented his ten out of ten ideas Best fighter nickname worst fighter nickname. I mean i think he. What else can i add to this like. There's so good. This is like one of those. This is one of those listener questions that needs no answer like it's just done. We could just walk away in right now. Komen of our friends over the co main event. Podcast chattan ben. They're the ones that started bobby knuckles. Yes yeah he started that. We're starting right here. Duct was the report and the mr rooster. Reaper would be name. I think the one that sticks out to me just because you don't call him by his name anymore is what i mean. Wonderboy just sticks out. i mean. He's just wonderboy nights. Yeah i think that's it doesn't get much better because like you don't even call them like you. Don't even come stephen thompson you call them wonderboy like you know. Call him by his first or last name and when you do that that's always the the sign of a great nickname so i'll go with wonderboy just because it's it just it just there and everybody causing that and poor makes sense. Yeah the notorious conor mcgregor is go. Great nickname tastic. Perfect nickname to be honest nickname. It might be conor mcgregor. To be honest. i love alcohol too. I think that's just like i don't even know what it means but it just it means cuckoo means the boogeyman in spanish telugu from so l. Kukui is mexican mothers. Tell their kids before they go to bed. So you don't get out of bed or koi will pull you under the bed. I've been saying for years that the fact that there's not a mexican female that doesn't go by light on is a travesty. Because anyone that grew up in a mexican household that name sends shivers down your spine like i get pizzas because it's another boogeyman score story where this weeping woman comes out of the water and pulls you into the water and drowns you for getting out of bed at night like good god like i want. John swabs to go by light on because she drowns you in there so badly but teach thorough to each their own. Some great nicknames. Actually ronda rousey routing ronda rousey perfect nickname i actually i think is he has a great game. The last style. Yeah i think that works. Perfect format is very unique. Show Chick i like. I like the bullet for balancing challenge. Just because he has a gun my mouth. Williams eagle game. I think game by the great nickname or asthma. Offer him on his throat. An out about the james krause. No don't like the assassin see. That's that's what i want bryan marina chains into. I also was a big fan. When i was before i was a journalist i loved the dean of mean because it just with keys gerardine not to be negative but i have such a giant issue. With how bad kaylynn chicanes nickname blonde fighter just like okay. I get it every time i was like all right..

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