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Britain's Princess Eugenie has married to kill executive Jack Brooks Bank as AP. Correspondent Karen champs reports. The star studded rail wedding was at Saint George's chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle. The twenty-eight-year-old bright a granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth the second is nine thousand nine to the British throne the Queen and her husband Prince, Philip attended the wedding along with other senior royals, including Prince, Charles Prince, William and his wife Cates. The duchess of Cambridge. I'm Prince Harry with Meghan, the duchess of Sussex, the guests included Hollywood stars Demi Moore and live Tyler fashion. Luminaries? Kate moss in Niamey Campbell. I'm pop singer Robbie Williams. His daughter was the bridesmaid crowds of well-wishers filled the street, so they'd not everyone was happy for the beaming bride such as anti monarchist Danny Beckett who disputes using taxpayers money for security. I would tear right spent the money. However, she wants she wants the only she's going to pay for it and Thomas London. The democrat who hopes to take down Senator Ted Cruz says he raised a record breaking thirty eight point one million dollars in the last three months more than tripling the hall of his Republican opponent, congressman Beto aerobic said the funding came from more than eight hundred thousand donors nationwide, despite refusing donations from outside political groups and declining to hire consultants and pollsters. He's become a star in national liberal circles and his total through the end of September broke quarterly Senate fundraising records for non self funded campaigns or Rex funding news comes amid polls that have begun to show him trailing cruise by about ten points after closing to within striking distance earlier in the race. No Democrats won statewide office in Texas since one thousand nine hundred ninety four a global hunger index shows about twenty percent of children in India. Underage five suffer from acute under nutrition, the twenty global hunger index ranks India at one hundred three out of one hundred nineteen countries with hunger levels in the country. Categorized. As serious India's rankings dropped three places from last year. The report by concern worldwide and Velden Helfer says the only country with worst child wasting his war-torn, south Sudan, the International Monetary Fund. Meantime, says India's projected to be the world's fastest growing economy exposing stark contrast in the South Asian country..

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