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Big twelve riley is cliff Kingsbury in those the coach he comes out of that. You Know Texas Tech Program and I'm not convinced that Reilley Scott the big picture thing to be okay great coach in the NFL. But both of them I mean right. He's got a whole lot of buzz about him. Because of what's happened to Oklahoma in recent years in particular and An mayes got that is suggested. Wouldn't it be great to see him in a big team out of big teams in the NFL. So they're both GONNA come with a lot of attention on an hype. Oh yeah attention. Obviously it'll be attention. But but you know Meyer Meyer coach to a first at Bowling Green and then Utah where he had great success us and then Miami as I mean Florida sorry and then at Ohio State and he was successful and in in Bowl Games. He's been you know. I don't think I don't think Riley I think Riley's lost every game is played in Meyer. Meyer was like at Ohio State. Eighty six. He's only been foreign three. I think but Utah in Florida. It was like seven and one now. It's harder for Utah to get into a big bowl. Game and in Florida was was a bit hard. But that's that's an impressive record in bowl games when you're playing against the best teams in the country so as you can see. I'm a much a much stronger on urban. Meyer is potential. NFL on Lincoln. Riley isn't the point that Garrett an I take your point Switzer uh I was before I was covering the remember as well as you do. But they were as he even said. It didn't take attention away from Jerry. Jones writing take a token about a much higher profile characters on me. Yeah but we'll Riley. Meyer will be a focus of attention but Mile Meyer. I UH-HUH I would assume would demand a certain amount of guaranteed autonomy. I don't know how you do that with Jerry. And his son. Basically run run the personnel L. Department and are in Jerry's GM Riley would have much less leverage that kind of discussion. So I think I think he would be content to come in and just speed the coach and and in fairness. It's not a bad situation for a talented coach because there is a lot of talent here. Jerry's not a bad general manager. They've been certain holes in the cowboys over the years but he does recognize talent he he does listen a bit. At least Hassani Johny listened to the scouts when they when they went with the Frederick as the first pick and he wanted to take a quarterback and they talked him out of that and and DAX been pretty successful. And I think I think the big thing that either Meyer or Riley would bring to that team is the potential of unleashing Dak Prescott in offense that will be more friendly than than it's been Not You know nothing. It's been bad for him. But Garrett saw fences have been even with more at quarterback who had a pretty good start of the year and then teams caught up with what he wasn't wasn't doing. You know the not table things on the cowboys. I'm going to five because apparently the apparently one other thing there is a Oklahoma's loss to recruit already a high high school quarterback who who was being recruited and people are looking at as a sign that Lincoln Riley he's going to the NFL that doesn't necessarily mean he's going to Dallas but Dallas would meaty kind of like the front running obvious choice because he said that quarterback had said that if indeed committed as they call it from the suit is because he if Lincoln Riley wasn't wasn't gonna be that and then he was going to look west people joining the dots there. Yeah it's funny when funding one. Seventeen year old kid or eighteen year old kid is ahead of everybody else on the air you go maybe tip off. Whoever had the story as well and see if I wish I could remember who the first guy was? WHO said Moreau's definitely outgoing in the first tweet is ridiculous life in the fossil? The key thing about the cowboys getting top five is the. It's a technicality. But I think I think one that is maybe being a little bit overlooked. Joe Just as need to Fi- Jason Garrett his contract runs down right right so he's got he's got till the fourteenth eighteen I think is when the contract expires. That money spent quite a lot as well. All right. Let's get it with. You could be punishing Gary All right. Let's get a top five at as we said at the top of the show. It's a fun fun packed top five this week. It's the top five most disappointing plays the other season. I'm presuming is about the season. Yeah Yeah Okay. The honorable mentions were seventy. Joe FLACCO who you. You can't say was disappointing. Because anybody with half a brain knew what was going to happen anyway when he went to Denver so I can't the only persons disappointed as John. elway okay. Who thought that that was going to be the thing that work and I put kirk cousins in the same situation because cousins perpetually is disappointment but the people overestimate how good he is and you know a lot of people? I won't mention any names but when we were when we were doing the game's at Wembley a.

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