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Hi we're back with Dr Neil Levin okay we talked earlier about this toxic world in which we live in you sent me this list called the dirty does now this is not the list of actors in that war movie from fifty years ago this is a list of the twelve most contaminated fruits and vegetables let me tell you something unfortunately several of these are in my kitchen right now as we speak so what do we do about this I'm thinking about that old war movie with telly Savalas person called frog desert it was kind of a scary movie there but yeah you're right I mean this list is scary because we're eating the fruits and vegetables on a regular basis so I'm gonna read it right now this is called the dirty dozen list these are the dirtiest fruits and vegetables in terms of pesticide residues in America so listen carefully because a lot of these are in your kitchen right now so we have apples strawberries grapes celery peaches spinach sweet bell peppers imported nectarines cucumbers cherry tomatoes imported snap peas and potatoes naked despite every sample of imported nectarines and ninety nine percent of the apples tested positive for pesticide residues the average potato head more pesticides by weight than any other food a single grape sample had fifteen different pesticide residues on it and samples of celery cherry tomatoes imported snap peas and strawberries each had thirteen different pesticide residues on them each well I don't want to scare you away from eating more fruits and vegetables in fact quite the opposite is true I've been talking for years now I've been promoting eating more fruits and vegetables but the point is it's so nice that with OJ CD organic juice cleanse you're getting three different organic superfoods you're getting they're cruciferous vegetables the berries all the superfoods and you're getting them organically the way nature intended and you're leaving behind what you don't want because it doesn't have any of the pesticide it's herbicides or fungicides duh duh eleven we're talking today about purities brand new organic juice cleanse the.

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