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At me at Vinnie Penn. I appreciate some of the follows. I've been getting last hours, so we still got a couple of very special guests. Coming your way talking right now, though, who've already some anyway have moved on to talk in my off. You watch next time when Trump runs next time as if it's Given, uh Trump hasn't said anything. As far as that's concerned. He's too busy fighting the fight of the electoral college today. I myself don't see it happening. I don't see him. Running again and for us the position I put the question out there to you. And if you have responded where it's 617 to 66 68 68 Let's start with Fred. I appreciate you calling in and being on. Hold these last couple of minutes. What do you think? Uh, yeah, about that tactic. I'm with you. I thought, uh, you know what he'll try to do is work to to look for a successor. I think Mrs Valley Moving in very interesting candidate myself. But it's time to start working now, uh, that's interesting. So you think he's gonna beat that? I like that. That's interesting. You think he's going to be in the mix, but not as a candidate as somebody backing a candidate? I think that's about right. Very good. Yeah, I think if you look at the reaction to his presence at the Army Navy game on Saturday, can't you see him coming out? Assuming the pandemics over coming out on the stage Tol introduce naked Yeah, presents, So he's gonna go crazy. That's good stuff. And you said you had a second point You wanted to make, sir. Well, second point was to respond to your very first caller who who lent week pandemic or clan Democrats. He called it hay makes him pretty racist comments and correct them. I thought Samantha Jewish racism is what? I don't understand where he wound up. Yeah, we've gotten a couple of calls on that He started strong. He started in the place that I agreed with, but ended kind of in a terrifying place. Yeah, I was kind of terrifying. Glad you feel that way, but I think it's always worth it. Look, if he had said, you know, we the Chinese couldn't have planned this because they're they're not bright enough to do it is a race. Statuette saturate. You understand? I think completely what I'm saying your affair by and by the way, been a pleasure meeting you over the last six weeks as you've come on in Boston. I was nowhere. If you yourself you've done a great job. I appreciate that. Yeah, And it's so it's always difficult. It's always difficult when you're talking with someone. And you're like, right? Yeah, And that's true, too. And then all of a sudden they insert something that you do a double take. On. We had ended the call there. There's there's no place for anti Semitism. You know, on initial or homophobia, any of that stuff we have just such Uh, they said I was going to say such bigger issues. But you know what? These air longstanding these are things that have not gone away. These are things that we have not attended to as a nation. Because the cancel culture has moved on to canceling the oddest of things. Anti Semitism is alive and well, and yet, you know, the Cleveland Indians that's really been bothering me for the longest time. We've lost our ability to prioritize, but I do want to grab a friend. I appreciate the call, and I'm glad you brought that up because a few other people Brought up that call a while back and And I just didn't know what to make of the tail end of it. Let's go to Paula in Cambridge, though. I appreciate you calling in what's on your mind. So, um, like you. I don't think Trump will run for the next election. But I do hope he sticks around is against slide. And I hope it's constantly Hammering. Um, you know, Biden on whatever is up, I just do. I hope he doesn't go away like Obama hasn't gone away like Bush is still up to, you Know, push was giving his opinion. We never You there, Paula. I don't know if we lost you, but gadflies a great word to use there, and it makes me come to the realization all I didn't even think of this. Trump's Twitter feed. Is going to be more entertaining than it's ever been, Uh, in the course of the next year, if not a couple of years. I don't think he's going to see the most interesting thing is if Trump Lost legitimate. Resoundingly. I do think you know, I did one interview with him The give me an insight to the man. No, it was like 2004. And do I know somebody who's worked closely with the family? Yes, and told me stories about the family million years ago. 2012 13 Sure. It doesn't give you any real inside either, but I do think if he lost In a big, noisy, ugly way he would have disappeared. But he Is Losing this election in a way where he gets to hang around and say Everybody knows how you all know I do and that this flagrant disregard for democracy for truth. The this whole Dominion fiasco enables Trump to hang around and repeatedly say all come on, everybody knows he didn't. We got the most votes in present in history, and he got more, You know better, And that's what he's going to do for the next couple of years. Paul, do we have you back? Yes. I'm sorry. That must have been my cell phone. I just hope that Trump I hope he's not surrounded with on lawsuits, particularly in the state of New York. I'm just afraid. The court's going to go after him with the poem that, you know, I'm gonna be a miserable way to live. But if anybody can take it, he can't hear what stood impeachment. He was good. The Moloch report. I mean, he's got the strength God when you read off when you read off the roster, and that's why I could only end in a panda. And that you could only come to the conclusion they tried everything. And then, when the likelihood of four more years was just Evident. Well, a pandemic will do it. And that's why I think there were some here in America who are even in cohorts. With China over this will work. This whole do it. People will be out of work will be desperate. Those who are on the fence, it will be the final straw. How can you not look at it that way? Yeah. But I appreciate the call. I love your your history talks. I love them Keep. I appreciate that. Thanks so much Paul for the call. Do we still have gigs, though from Weymouth waiting for us gigs is called in several times. When I filled in here on w RKO and again My name is Vinnie Penn. Waiting on you at 617 to 66 68 68 gigs. What do you got for me this time? Hey, Benny. It's refreshing. They.

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