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Every practitioner all day showed to definitely pay attention to But let me continue in the you know since since you wanted to hear more point point number three and this is something that anybody who goes to. Aws Reinvent eight abuses big show will definitely relate to so we all go to aws reinvent Vanden heroes aws announcing you know yet another fifteen services or twenty services for that matter are pushing the envelope of all the stuff that you can do in Aws Louis. Oh so there's always this question took aws as relentless engine that is that is pushing innovation every year. How many people do adopt these these these new services that are coming at such a fast clip from? Aws Right so looking at our data would be the alleges that when it abuse is indeed pushing yard a lot of innovative capabilities. The core services that are adopted I many of these. Aws customers are still very limited right or find out is that had on average and this is looking at you know over fifteen hundred customers afire who are using aws on average we see that only fifteen of these. He's one hundred and fifty eight of Louis. Oh bases are are really adopted by and large plethora of these customers right so customers go blew us. You know this is sort of the hypothesis coming out of this. Data does data point. Is that customers like the innovation pace at aws. Customers liked the the fact that aws is pushing the envelope when it comes to you know releasing new capabilities providing new services to enterprises but then the vast vast majority of them are still in the early phases still in the innings to three if So to speak of adopting these services beside a few customers are few enterprises as you say who have adopted many many many aws services but those are far and few in between a large majority of these of these customers end end up going to aws for their infrastructure as a service platform the EC to service the s three in the cloud formation. The the Ardi as and and the I am identity management services and are cutting their teeth at these basic services. You know the fact that. AWS offers all these. He's cutting services obviously is a is a good carrot and a good icing on the cake But the majority of the customers are still using just a quarter of the cake at this point point number four. Let's talk about so we're less and everybody is talking about sober. Less over less is being proclaimed as the as the next programming paradigm. That's going to change everything about the cloud and systems and how you used systems and would fear starting to see is that at least in the aws environment right So let's has has reached a tipping point would be aws as civilised implementation is called lambda. And what we see is that lambda adoption as indeed grownup dramatically. The last few years in twenty seventeen which was the second diarrhea. Were doing this report. We saw the put option of lambda right now. Twenty nine thousand nine. We we see almost thirty. Six percent. Adoption of lambda means one in three enterprises that are running now applications in aws today are using lambda lambda or sober less in some way shape or form so that is An interesting data point you know and I think that sort of tells you that people are really elite experimenting and deploying an implementing solar technologies that are at a much faster clip. Now I I do have one last point and and this is sort of Switching gears for more the architecture do. Let's say talking about security technologies within within the cloud so Jeffrey I'm sure you must have heard that security. The and cloud security is perhaps the number one obstacle or blocker or challenge as enterprises thing of adopting cloud and and there are some some do it. I mean you know enterprise sock teams are used to seeing the infrastructure. They used to coming their infrastructure. The US to seeing it in their in their data center so so that you know that that gives them the comfort of of their data being secure within the confines of that Data Centre her and now moving everything to the cloud may does bring up. These concerns that maybe my data is in a place that I don't control and you know what happened security then so what we are starting to see is that again. This is within the purview of AWS. A lot of the enterprises that are deploying their applications applications in the cloud and in aws are starting to use many of the services that aws offers in order to Specter Secure their their applications in the cloud so aws has these these interesting technologies rattler. A few names here. Scott Cloud trail cloud clouds drizzle. Think of it as providing the you know who walked when where how off axis of API's and services within AWS AWS asu offers repeatedly flow logs. which gives you visibility into? Who is accessing your systems? AWS has a new technology. Call Guard duty beauty. which provides you visibility into the the security state of your aws applications and what we are starting to see is that you know many knees similar logic customers or deployed in aws are using these services and are using these At a fairly significant rate so so that gives us confidence incidence that enterprises are indeed paying attention to security as they are moving to the cloud they are. They're building in the right capabilities. They are you know using the right services that are offered by cloud platform vendors themselves and all of this obviously a portends wealth for applications that are running in the cloud So sock names. You know if there's anything that you should take away from this podcast. Is that in security in the cloud is a little different but but it is. You know it's definitely doable. And there are all right capabilities available from vendors like aws auto from vendors third party vendors like some logic that can ensure the security of your apps and infrastructures in the cloud. I assume you've you've been to reinvent absolutely we'd go to arraignment. There's a big contingent engines of similar logic folks who got arraignment every year. So I'm going for the first time this year and just after seeing pictures and hearing stories it sounds completely overwhelming advice. I surviving reinvent man hydrate hydrate hydrate and and get out every every now and then From from the boots and from the from the session. So what can I tell you how about that. But then you know that Las Vegas has a whole you know. Reinvent has become the technology Mecca to be and to go to. You know. I'm dating myself here but I is it more more so than. CAS At this point. See yes is a different kind of show right. Jeffrey says he is a bit more consumer oriented. You know. I'm sure if you are selling. The latest style is not gadget or a phone. You know I see yes on 'em. WC The show in Barcelona is best. Perhaps a show to be at if you're doing B. Two B. Applications if you are targeting anybody who is in the devotee deb. OPS was a a site reliability engineer or perhaps Stephen a security person relentess is definitely the place to be the vibe in that place. The energy in that plays this off the charts heralds. What's the where technology is today and technology is headed for the next few years? You know rightly or wrongly. Aws is the eight thousand pound gorilla in the cloud. Space the building cool staff. They have some amazing customers. It's a it's sound like an advertisement for aws but the company does it really innovate well similar logic who was deployed in aws. We liked innovation that they bring to the it world and we like what our customers are able to do on on native Wegelius to ensure is amazing. Amazing I think is a sign of of what Amazon does right that it's like as a byproduct of the the accidental business that they created with aws they created like a billion dollar conference industry. Yeah I mean what is it I I hear that are on the run rate of twenty five billion. Whatever right now so reinvent I meant? Aws as business itself. I no I I don't know what the the actual revenue Magin. It's pretty profitable. Oh my mom was certain. It's it's profitable given the number of vendors like like ourselves who are there and the amount of money that we spend in demonstrating getting boots you know sending people to that event. I'm I'm I'm sure it's a profitable venture for the blues but look I mean at the end of the day right. I mean this is a place where where you meet the people who are building your connection APPs right by the fender guitar player who is building their APPs on there the next gen mobile APP on. Aws whether it's AIRBNB AIRBNB whether it's neck flakes or whether it's a tiny little company that's You know with like three guys in a garage today. Nobody would question you if you were to put theocratic card and build your first on us. So it'll be as hats and reinvent has become the show to to go to see what's going on in the in the the. It world for sure as we begin to wrap up a few higher level subjects. I WANNA discuss so the changing usage prototype of a log management system around observability system. We touched on this a little bit earlier but the fact that today not only do you have engineers and operations nations people working with your log management tool your metrics tool we have data scientists. You have customer service people bowl of product managers. You might have marketing people. As he's different constituencies want access to this logging data or maybe they want access to the post processed log metrics. How does that change the interface and has it changed the product design nine? That's a good question rear in early. I would say you know phases of understanding it ourselves but but I think what's similar Dick is starting to see is that you know in many organizations in our customers are not just the typical people right. I mean the SR is in the people who are on the security people who product people like exactly like you said or customer support people who may not have the sophisticated understanding of our curry. The language may not have the ability to create dashboards An alert and and other things that you know you would. You would take for granted if you're someone who lives in breeze. He's within the similar logic system. So what is starting to see more and more off as two modes of operation one is this notion of what I call is template iced iced offers right where I as an administrator of the product or as an expert user of the product. I met template ties What I may I want to do in the product and then expose a few very simple to configure things within my product and then offer it to a larger swath of if users so for example? Imagine if I have. Let's say three hundred customer support people and you know I need to support the customer support people and they need to look into sumo logic system. Every time somebody called with the problem they need to look up an ID and daddy need to see what's what's wrong with the product or the of the system at that point rather than expose the similar logic query language to do all of these people who I'm sure They come with in a different knowledge and different skills at what be condemn do is offered. A template is Interface or dashboard. But all you have to do is drop the product. Id and then you drop the product idea you know you are the customer and you get all the details about the the customer. that product used product the logs from the product the editors and the D. Bugs and the warning messages the product itself. So so this template is offering essentially in some sense simplifies. I don't want to use the word dumps because that has a pejorative meaning to it but at least simplifies the access and the analytics that these non-experts can also get from our product. The other approach that I will see you know and then from product. What is the ability for us to export Data from product into other systems so we have customers who explored our data into into Pablo into clack into Lucre. You know so that they can start to slice and dice data in somewhat different ways which may would be more in line with what these personas may be used to and mail to want to see it and end of the day. We own the business of getting insights from data and the extend that you know that are better than other systems that can perhaps do some of the stuff we have more than happy to export this data to integrate those Danine to other the systems. We also see some of data science customers. You know US notebooks and decimal logic as a simple interface to export or data into data data. Science notebooks there you can do other forms of analysis on this data which may not be core discipline logic which on the focus of some logic itself so look at the end of the day right. I mean you've been in the business of getting best insights from our data for customers and we'll do our utmost to make that happen. I want to thank you for coming in software engineer. Dale it's been great talking to you. Thank you very much. Jeffrey take.

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