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Fine. But. I guess. So what I thought was interesting about this episode and just about the series itself, I've enjoyed watching the series. It's nice to see. I mean, now we're starting to get more female superheroes on television, and that's been long overdue, and I'm very happy excited about that. So when I look at supergirl though in Carrizo Al, so character is she's very strong. She's fair. She's intelligent and I like what she does, but I guess the things that kind of concern me is I feel like sometimes that her characters to naive regards to how the world is working and how people are. So I get that from the show sometimes and then. You see a lot of strong female role models and characters. And I think that great Jay on the marshmallow hundreds kind of like a certified to her and her sister, Alex. And I do enjoy him on the show and Jimmy Olsen as his character is really great on the show too. But the only thing that just kind of bothers me is that so she supergirl because she's superman first cousin, she's older cousin and they're tied together by bly because they're both in the house of l. so we see, we've seen super goes mother and the pants, and we've seen her aunt. But we don't see her father's real. And in this episode you find out there's a real game is life to save Argo city and protect them protected to preserve it. So communication can't come out or come in and they've been on this planet and they beliving peacefully and the rock that supergirl amount l. needs to take back to earth so they can defeat the world. Killer is used to protect Argo city. So Super Bowl, mom ranges a meeting with a high council, discuss it. So my issue is that, okay, I get all that. And you find out the one of the high council members. Actually, the mastermind to the world killers being unleashed on earth. Pacifico doesn't know that yet, but my issue is, like I said, is that. We never see anything about superheroes father, Zorro. It's almost as if his characters insignificant to the series and it just kind of. Just disappointing because you know. He's from the house of l. and love to know more about super close relationship with their father. They often talk about her mom, and now they're showing her mom, and now she knows her mom's alive and that's great. But the guy who's from the house of l. he's dead and we don't know anything about him. We don't know what kind of great scientists was. We don't know what kind of father he was. His character is basically like nameless and he's the whole reason why she is to progress in the sense that he, no, he's superman ankle. You know, he's drowsy brother and I just, yeah, that just that's the only thing about the show that just kind of disappoints me is that you know, we see and learn about the mother, but we don't learn about, you know, the father. He's just as important to who she is. That's the cool thing about when you watch for man, you've read superman folklore and his legend. Superman is a great because is Tony. Parents didn't have them for long, but Ma and PA, Kent. Jonathan Martha Kent did, and he's crowded and humanity. Because of those, you know that farmer and his wife. You know that that couple, you know they were all there was good and right with the American way of life. So you know, they gave, they gave him his pound Dacian. So superman rarely have for parents, you know, Joel and Laura and John Martha. So you only get parts and pieces of that was super girl and they, you know, and so you know. I like to think that that's going to change, but we'll see. So what happened? Like I said, super, go reunites with their mom. They have to have their bond and super go tells her mom that you know, meet running into on. It was kind of bad and nasty at first, but then she came around, but she died, but you know, they got close before she died. And you know, of course, you know, super goes, mom tells her, I'm very proud of him. Your hero and the Bisley. She's allowed to take a piece of the rock off from ARCO city to back to planet earth. And by the time she gets back the world killers about to break free of the force field in a lot of Luther lab that's holding her back. So you know, episode ends with her about to fight the world killer and now super knows that our mom's still alive so she can try to go back to Argo city and see how all that plays out. So, like I said, I'm glad that. That happened, but I would have been a better episode for me if both of her parents were alive, so we can see how she interacts with both of our parents at think that's really important thing. That's something that shows missing. Otherwise, I do like the show, but that's my biggest complaint. Is that. And, but otherwise, it's a good series to watch anyone joy. The criminals really cool that namic between Kara dampers and her sister, Alex is agent and when and by the way, Jimmy Olsen on the show once becoming a superhero called the guardian. And when it's like his partner who who says, brilliant mastermind, who built his suit and gives them his gadgets and helps them when they're out in the field. So all that's going on the mine Nells part of leading the superheroes storyline. We came back from the future. He was married and brainiacs descendant is part of the legion. And now my nose all grown up and he's all he's just this this great hero now and now he still married, but he's still in love a super girl so, but he came back to help her out. So we all know what's going to happen with their whole love interest triangle story. But it's a good show. The the moon was interesting episodes had another. We're gonna bring her back to Erica Durance back who was Lois lane playing super girls by logical mom. So that's really cool. And I want to say thank you for joining us for this DC crypt on supergirl themed episode of the GMC television podcast as mentioned, kief will be back next week. So we're looking forward to an all new episode with him. Thank you so much for joining us. Have a wonderful rest of your week and a great weekend, and we'll see you next week. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts, television podcast, part of the Golden State media concepts, podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at WWW dot Jesus, MC podcast dot com. Download our podcast on itunes, Stitcher. Soundcloud, Google play, just type in Jesus MC to find all the shows from the Golden State media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment, and even weird news. You can also follow us on Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you. And we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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