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Creators of all types like whether you're not just a musician, right, whether you're a writer or a photographer or doing all types of creation you can do online today. So I'd like to start off with getting inside onto what you've learned as a host talking to all these fantastic guests. So if there's three tips that we're giving to people who want to build web three community or get into the creator economy themselves through NFTs, what kind of tips can we give to these people starting out? And if we can list three, that'd be phenomenal. Yeah, okay, so I think the first one is don't be afraid to experiment because there are no rules here. Nobody sort of remembers your failures unless it's like an incredibly huge rug pull or I don't know, DeFi hack of some sort. So like if you're just like a small time creator just due to the space coming into crypto, join as many communities as you can, right? And just like try to try to experiment yourself, try to issue some NFTs, free NFTs, fail, get rejected, and just keep tampering and tinkering with what's possible. I think that's number one. Don't be afraid to experiment. Number two, this is something that Daniel Allen taught me who's like a really, really well known successful web three web three native musician and producer in the space. He had a successful campaign that did incredibly well and he did it with like 200 Twitter followers. And he's like, you know, people may seem like I did something that was an overnight success, but I really did my homework and put 6 months into sort of climbing across different Discord channels, going to different events, doing one of ones with people before I had a drop. So the second point is before trying to attempt something yourself, that's like really big and grandiose that you expect some type of sizable outcome, really do your diligence in homework and meet other people in the community that might end up just collecting from you down the line. And the third tip is, I like seeing people who consistently show up, that could be either from consistently showing up with your time or consistently showing up with your money. So either continuously collecting other things from other creators, and building social capital or kind of like being involved in different communities with your time and using like a governance power right to kind of contribute on chain. Don't be afraid to experiment. Do your homework and be consistent. I think those are the top three things, yeah. I like that a lot. And I feel like tip number two on that community building kind of comment and showing up is that still. So you still think that's a valuable thing to do even as we're moving a little bit away from, I feel like these Discord groups. I mean, Discord, a year ago, everyone was saying, you got to be there. You got to be paying attention to all these Discord channels. Everyone kind of got Discord burned out. So, but you're still feeling maybe it's not even Discord only. It

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