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Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams discussed on Steve Dahl


Stacey Abrams of Georgia and Andrew gillum in Florida and Ben jealous in Virginia all lost because of institutional racism, not because they weren't good candidates or because they narrowly lost in close elections, but because of institutional racism, here's Bernie Sanders doing his pandering routine. Election. We saw great campaigns one for governor by Stacey Abrams, Andrew gillum and Ben jealous. Great campaigns. They loss we have made some progress. But clearly all of us recognize that we have a long way to go to end, the institutional racism, which permeates almost every aspect of American society. So this is this is the pitch the pitcher is not going to be Joe Biden. So the middle of the country. It's gonna be Bernie Sanders racial minorities, suggesting that people are losing not in free and fair elections, but because of institutional racism and cruelty. And then Sanders says that it's institutional racism that is causing lack of black dentists, and nurses and doctors as well, basically, all inequities can be attributed all inequalities can be attributed to some sort of inequity. Here's Bernie Sanders doing that routine. On the disparity within the disparity, the racial disparities which exist in this country, which is also growing wider NYU. So when we talk about disparity, we are talking about the need for more black doctors more black dentists, more black Dirceu's, more black psychologists. We are talking about guaranteeing healthcare to all Americans as right does. He think that those people are being barred from medical school and dental school nursing school. These schools are doing their best. I mean, really above and beyond the call of duty to try and recruit potential wack students and black dentists in nurses and doctors for residency programs. It's true for businesses all over the country. And yet this is the pitch the pitcher is going to be that you are a perennial victim in this society. And also, let's ignore those people in the middle of the country who may be feeling forgotten. It's an interesting pitch from the Democrats. And it's why Bernie Sanders is I. Think going to drink Joe Biden's milkshake in a second. We'll get to Bernie Sanders taking on Nancy Pelosi. That's kind of fascinating. But I I'd like to take the moment..

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Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams discussed on Steve Dahl

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